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Leader of Choice Week 7

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LEADER OF CHOICE : TONY ROBBINS Tony Robbins practices what he preaches . He knows fully well that as a well-known personality , he must recognize the diverse workforce with which he is working with . He has developed strategies for accelerated transformations of individuals from different cultures These transformations are not only done during the training itself , but are carried on over the long haul of individual lives . For instance , he has joined forces with other therapists in building this strategy of continuing to address the needs of the diverse groups of people across [banner_entry_middle]

cultures . Joining with Cloe Madanes , a well-known therapist , the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention creates training materials and programs aimed at diverse communities . Carrying the philosophy further , Robbins has focused attention not only on adults and businessmen , but also on children in their Council for Human Rights of Children at the University of San Francisco . This is a prestigious company that champions the rights of children all over the world . And if that is not enough , the company also recognizes , in essence , that many written defenses of the diverse cultures must highlight their programs because certain groups of people are denied access to aids and tools that would make them deserving of better positions because of their economic opportunities in life . Therefore , Tony Robbins ‘ trainings are geared so that education can be given to these groups of people and integrated into the productive workforce . He has founded a nonprofit Anthony Robbins Foundation that provides assistance to the homeless elderly and inner city youth as it feeds millions of people in nine countries every year through its international holiday Basket Brigade ‘ He has given his seminars to a diverse group of people himself all over the world . Impacting the lives of nearly 50 million people , he and his company continues to reach out to all kinds of individuals

Equality in the full extent would be difficult to achieve especially considering the highly diverse cultural groups that comprise American society and the world at large . Towards this end , Tony Robbins and his company serves as viable and sustainable channels in which the interests of people are upheld based on what is good for society in general utilizing the strategies he has developed


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