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2006 Leadership

1 . Introduction

In business , employees race to be managers and other managerial positions due to remuneration and power attractiveness . This is true especially in big business such as Microsoft , Intel , and Hewlett-Packard , to name a few . Several months ago , Microsoft gives its executive billion of dollars as an award for 2005 achievement

According to report of Securities Exchange Commission in the U .S , in to 900 executives and manager . Out of 37 million of restricted stocks Jeff Raikes , President of Business Division , gets the largest [banner_entry_middle]

portion about 875 .334 stocks , Meanwhile , Kevin Johnson , Co-President of Platforms and Services Division obtains 703 .259 stocks

The news describe that its is reasonable that people are racing towards being corporate executives although in practice , great managers like Microsoft ‘s Raikes and Johnson does not have to obtain rewards from their subordinates as great leaders

This is because , managers and leaders have different meaning in which managers are those who set up budget , make policies etc while leaders are those , not necessarily be managers , having capability of motivate people and having vision about the future of business

Dean and Mary Tjosvold (1995 ) in their book , Psychology for Leaders Using Motivation , Conflict , and Power to Manage More Effectively explains that the duty of top managements is to set policies while managers make decisions and solve problems and employees do their assigned tasks

This suggestion means that top managements are responsible of creating a supportive working environment that encourages employees to work at best condition . Meanwhile , being leaders take more than just the capability to reach target of financial achievement but they also possess the quality of motivating employees and many more

Concerning the issue of leadership , this will elaborate several issues of leadership including the difference of managers and leaders theory of leadership , styles of leadership and four unexpected qualities of effective leaders

In to add depth of discussion , this will also provides some real-life examples of great leaders in multinational companies . However since theory of leadership comes in many forms such as transformational transactional leadership theory , gender different in leadership style behavior theory and many others , this only focuses on transformational leadership theory and its example

2 . Criteria of Being Effective Leaders

2 .1 Leaders and Manager

When discussing leadership in business environment , some scholars separate the discussion of managers and leaders because they seem to have similar tasks but turn out to be completely different . The differences are that managers perform as budgeters , policy makers , and the controllers while leaders are often associated with their charisma and visions , the ones who can alter the whole business

Since managers and leaders are different , it is found that in practice there are many great managers , which are able to turn bad situation upside down , fail to be great leaders . On the contrary , there are also great leaders who fail to create a sense of stability in an organization and not measure up as a manager

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