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Leadership as a Performing Art

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There is a quintessential coincidence between the concept of art and the concept of leadership , which makes the one evoke and suggest the other . This coincidence lies in the purposive expressiveness common to art and leadership . Leadership , defined or conceived from whatever perspective , cannot be divorced from the idea of a deliberate formulation and expression of thought , done with a view to manifesting what is presentable , beautiful and impressive . Hence leadership in itself being a continuous demonstration , presentation or performance of a [banner_entry_middle]

conception (a thought , it can be viewed , without qualification , as a performing art

This writing will attempt an exposition of this theoretical proposition . It will juxtapose its deductions with existing theories and models of leadership , confirming or refuting their assertions or implications , and thus introduce a new perspective on the concept of leadership , which should serve towards sanitizing existing stereotypes and , perhaps , help to broaden the general appreciation of the concept


The concept of leadership will be approached from an all-inclusive perspective , such that every viewpoint or conception of this concept founded on a connotative definition of leadership , will find some resonance with the resultant definition of the approach . The all-inclusiveness of this approach will conduce to the incontrovertibility this exposition wishes to establish

To guarantee this comprehensiveness , the development will begin from fundamental dictionary definitions and progress to practical empirical reality embracing or rejecting existing or authoritative conceptions

From the Chambers Dictionary , 2003 edition , we have lead (fundamentally ) defined as to show the way to precede to guide by the hand to direct to conduct to convey . According to the Oxford Talking Dictionary , first definitions of lead ‘ include cause to go along with oneself to accompany and show the way to (a person esp direct or guide by going on in advance . Compton ‘s Interactive Dictionary , 2000 edition defines lead ‘ as to show the way to , or direct the course of , by going before or along with conduct guide to guide or cause to follow one by physical contact , holding the hand , pulling a rope , etc

These three sets of substantially concurrent definitions can be synthesized into one definition

To promote and further towards a joint destination , through exemplariness , personal interest in the followership ( holding the hand , physical contact , constant cognition and continual motivation

Now , to existing (or authoritative ) definitions

David Blanchflower (2000 ) in his article Leadership refers to what most managers would suggest ‘ as attributes of leadership : the ability to make decisions [is] . one of the principal constituents , but equally possessing powers of motivation (even inspiring ) will be cited The skills of foresight and command are usually seen as requirements ‘ Similarly , in his article on Motivation and Leadership Theories Owston (1993 ) states The leader to fulfil their role has to know how to motivate people and must seek ways to do this so as to maintain their role as leader ‘ Urwick (1957 , too , supports the command ‘ attribute in his definition of… [banner_entry_footer]

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