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Leadership — Its Importance For Today’s Organization

March 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in management, mathematics and economics

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Leadership — Its Importance for Today ‘s Organization

Managing a flourishing business or strengthening the health of an already reputable business needs fit , continuing leadership and management , marketing and financial management , and planning , product and service development (Barbara Kellerman , Jeffrey Z . Rubin , 1988

Definition of “Leadership ” and Differences with Respect to “Management

Leading is influencing someone in some means . The majority people will have the same opinion on at least this much [banner_entry_middle]

of some perfect definition for the term . There are several , further aspects to this statement that could be explored however this simple definition may be sufficient to go forward (Robert A . Corrigan , 2002

A “leader ” is a name who is leading — maybe . A number of make use of the term “leader ” as based on the formal role in an organization Other talk about a “leader ” as someone who is showing character of leading . Though , many would oppose that a CEO is always a leader . For instance , if an organization is floundering badly with little or no direction , possibly the CEO is not efficiently leading the organization and , consequently , is in fact not a leader . It is bsed on one ‘s use of the word “leader

Nearly everyone would have the same opinion that the term “Leadership refers to the capability to lead . Many use the word “leadership to refer to a person who shows traits of leading . Though , many as well use the term to denote the executive level of an organization

Conventionally the term “management ” is portrayed as the functions of planning , organizing , leading as well as controlling activities in an organization “Managing ” is elucidated as carrying out these activities Courses in management frequently teach from this point of view . Some pursue this view and think that the activity of leading is however one facet of management . Other differ and state that “managing ” is planning , organizing and controlling and that “leading ” is a definitely separate activity that first and foremost involves influencing people . An old saying that follows from this last view is “Leaders do the right things . Managers do things right . One more saying is “Leaders lead people , managers manage things . Other would even oppose with this view , still . They would emphasize that , even though a person happens to be carrying out activities that persuade others , if he or she does not hold an official role in the organization with the designation of “manager , then he or she is not a “leader

Leading is an extremely human activity . All of us are human Consequently the majority of us can present a lot of advice regarding what a good leader should do . We want them to change themselves and their organizations , at the same time making sure that all of us have jobs . We put forward that leaders construct teams , yet focus on employees . They must develop clarity , yet embrace change… [banner_entry_footer]

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