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Leadership Week 7 A

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With an absence of inequality , is leadership even possible

Leadership is a quality found in both animals and people . It is a skill made not born . It is a process by which an individual influences other people to work towards goals . Leaders in an organization articles visions , mission and goals . At best , they facilitate movement of people towards the communities ‘ aspirations . Attributes of leaders include strong character , good ethical values , competence , creativity and committed to serve towards the organizations goals

In the absence of inequality , leadership is definitely possible because there [banner_entry_middle]

is always the need for organization . Organization is defined as a system where people can follow so that while working towards a goal , the system can make the process of creation effective , efficient and economical which are characteristics needed in this world where resources are getting more scarce and limited . Scarcity of resources is a fact and has nothing to do with equality of people . In the presence of this environment , a leader is always imperative so that there is smooth flow of work

Leadership is possible in the absence of inequality because people who are equally oriented or segmented have yet to be given guidance on how to implement the task at hand . Even in environments where everyone is capable , committed and creative , a system must be led . Without leadership , chaos will happen . Observing a group of people , one would notice that there will be an alpha individual that would be on top of the situation making things work smoothly towards the goal . And if there are no goals at hand , the leader usually initiates work towards articulating that common goal and aspiration so that people may become productive together

It would look impossible to achieve equality . But if there exists a state of equality , leaders would surely be as important as in states where inequality exists


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