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Learning Communities and Distance Education

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Learning Communities and Distance Education

E-learning is a web-based technology that is not only used for education , but also for information , communication , training , and performance management also . A learning community is one of the most important elements of distance education aimed to join diverse student audiences according to their learning needs and expectations . Students benefit from their ability to recognize in each other ‘people like me and to form genuine relationships with other students and faculty Together they form an environment that is conducive to learning (Kemp , 2002 . Both the content and [banner_entry_middle]

possibility of forming relationships with other student and with the instructors act as a magnet , drawing students back to the site on a frequent and regular basis . This enables further educational opportunities for the students . In higher education , curricular learning communities are classes that are linked or clustered during an academic term , often around an interdisciplinary theme , and enroll a common cohort of students (Learning Communities 2006

Most of the learning communities in distance education are built and developed around associated interests of students . The audiences may be geographically dispersed in time , but they share common interests that are perhaps difficult to serve profitably though other international media . In distance education , learning communities are developed in virtual environment , on the basis of a website and chat rooms as the main tools of interactive communication . Similar to traditional forms of education , learning communities in distance education also address a variety of societal issues such as the increasing fragmentation of information and student alienation toward participation and engagement (Learning Communities , 2006 . In this respect , connecting the site and the social aptitude of community participants potentially creates a new interactive tool . The more communication and interaction between students and instructors , the stronger the community and the better the feedback . Also , learning community is developed around a forum for exchange of common interests a meeting place for students the development of stimulating dialogues leading to relationships based on trust encouragement for active participation


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