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Legal Aspects of Health Care

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Legal Aspects of Health Care

THE annual cost of health care in the United States has skyrocketed to 400 billion , many times more than it was in the 1970 ‘s ! Not only do rising medical costs threaten the financial security of families but they also take a tremendous slice from business profits . For employee health-insurance premiums alone , businesses in the United States pay out over 80 billion a year ( HYPERLINK “http /www .amazon .com /exec /obidos /search-handle-url /index books field-a uthor-exact American 20Hospital 20Association 20Society 20for 20Healthc are 20Strategy 20and 20Market 20Development rank [banner_entry_middle]

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Ford Motor Company , for example , estimates that during 1980 the cost of health care for employees added 290 to the price of each automobile General Motors spends in a year more money on health insurance and disabilities than for steel from the USX Corporation (formerly U .S Steel , one of its principal suppliers ( HYPERLINK “http /www .amazon .com /exec /obidos /search-handle-url /index books field-a uthor-exact Society 20for 20Healthcare 20Strategy rank -relevance 2C 2Ba vailability 2C-daterank /783372 ” Society for Healthcare Strategy , HYPERLINK “http /www .amazon .com /exec /obidos /search-handle-url /index books field-a uthor-exact Market 20Development 20of 20the 20American 20Hospital 20Asso ciation rank -relevance 2C 2Bavailability 2C-daterank /78337 2 ” Market Development of the American Hospital Association , 14

It is estimated that backaches alone are costing U .S . business firms 1 billion a year in lost productivity . Because of ailments such as this as many as a million American workers fail to report for work each day Especially devastating is heart disease . About 700 ,000 Americans – many in the prime of life – die of a heart attack every year while another 700 ,000 survive such an attack and may miss work for months afterward The cost to business is tremendous

A single employee who undergoes quadruple [heart] bypass ‘ explains Dr . Richard H . Stein , is going to cost the employer , depending on salary base , conceivably up to 100 ,000 . An all-encompassing disease prevention program for an entire corporation could cost less . I think the possibility of reducing the burden for corporations makes good economic sense (as quoted by Al-Assaf , 47

Indeed , as constantly carried in consideration by the governments around the world , health is among the vital factors making up a strong foundation in a community . This is why as soon as the Health insurance programs as well as healthcare agencies were established , every business organization there is that employs several personnels are encouraged by the government to apply for healthcare benefits for their employees . In this regard , an important question is supposed to be answered , what are the legal bases of the agencies that provide health care and where do they get their authority

The International Health Insurance

The International Health Insurance is a healthcare agency that is established in the United Kingdom , which aims to host healthcare benefits for people traveling and working outside their own countries The United Nations Organization has… [banner_entry_footer]

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