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Legal Aspects of Health Care

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Legal Aspects on Abortion

An abortion is the removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus . The fetus with this procedure dies . This can spontaneously occur as a miscarriage or be done in an artificial or surgical procedure Medically , at the period of pregnancy , and induced termination of pregnancy must be performed before twenty weeks of gestation which would be considered nonviable ( HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Abortion http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Abortion ) ADDIN EN .CITE abortio nencyclopedic definition2006october 132006wikipediahttp /en .wikipedia .org /wiki [banner_entry_middle]

/Abortionwikipediawikipedia .comenglish (2006

All over the world , abortion has been discussed and debated upon analyzing both moral and legal aspects of abortion . Some states considers abortion clinics and hospitals as legal , and the p[procedure is also legally done . But moral activists and groups have fervently challenged the legality of abortion for many years

Dr . Robin Sanders is facing a serious problem with the lawsuit d by Joan . The state of California permits abortion procedures done medically . It means , with consent of the doctor after careful testing and good judgment of the physician . In legal aspects , the California Legislative states this in its Reproductive Act , under the California Health and Safety Codes ( HYPERLINK “http /www .leginfo .ca .gov /cgi-bin /waisgate ?WAISdocID 1 0 0 WAISaction retrieve http /www .leginfo .ca .gov /cgi-bin /waisgate ?WAISdocID 1 0 0 W AISaction retrieve ) ADDIN EN .CITE bodyCalifornia legislative bodylegislatureCalifornia Codes8 6012006california statehttp /www .leginfo .ca .gov /cgi- bin /waisgate ?WAISdocID 1 0 0 WAISaction retrievehttp /www .leginfo .ca .govhttp /www .leginfo .ca .govenglishoctober 13 (body 2006 (a ) Every individual has the fundamental right to choose or refuse

birth control (b ) Every woman has the fundamental right to choose whether to bear a child or to undergo an abortion procedure , except as specifically

limited by this article (c ) The state shall not have the right to refuse or interfere with a woman ‘s choice in whether to bear a child or obtain an abortion , except as specifically permitted by this article

The following definitions shall apply for purposes of this

chapter (a “Abortion ” means to medically cease the life of an unborn child or pregnancy except to produce a live birth (b “Pregnancy ” is a reproduction human process of a woman starting from the implantation of embryo , to fertilization and development , until birth of the child (c “State ” means the State of California , and all states under its jurisprudence (d “Viability ” means the point in a pregnancy when , in the good

faith medical judgment of a physician , on the particular facts of the

case before that physician , there is a reasonable likelihood of the

fetus ‘ sustained survival outside the uterus without the application

of extraordinary medical measures

This provision will strain Dr . Sander ‘s case as it is stated in the California Codes that though medical abortion procedure is legal abortion clinics for which anybody who wish to undergo abortion procedures are not . The state does not authorize abortion clinics to be established . Abortion procedures shall… [banner_entry_footer]

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