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Lesson Plans and Lesson Presentation

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Lesson Plans and Lesson Presentations

Lesson 1

Course : World History Date

Grade level : 9 ,10 ,11 Estimated time : 1hour 30 minutes

: The beginning of the WWII Arizona State Standards Bell Work

Do you know what war is considered to be the greatest tragedy of all nations

Do you agree wiyh this definition ? Why or why not

How do you personally feel about WWII

Anticipatory Set (Motivation

The students are shown 5 minute video stating the losses that the world in general and the US in particular had to [banner_entry_middle]

suffer after the WWII

Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify

The causes of the WWII

Main participants

The start of the war

Students will be able to write at least 2 main dates in the history of WWII

The students will be able to form their own opinion who was the initiator of the war and how it could be avoided , if could at all

The main conceptual objective is to make students critically think and analyse historical events

Lesson Overview /Procedure

The teacher asks the students to remember what had happened after the WWI and what specific treaties were signed . Then he /she leads active discussion about Versailles Treaty , its positive and negative sides . In advance , the teacher gives an individual task for three students to prepare an overview of economic and political situation in postwar Germany , Italy , and Japan respectively . After that , the class is divided into 5 groups representing five countries (regions : Germany , Italy Japan , former USSR plus Western Europe , and the USA . All of these groups are given 7 minutes to prepare their possible reasons to be engaged in the war . When all of the reasons are announced , the teacher summarizes them and writes down the correct ones on the blackboard . Then the teacher asks one student (voluntarily ) to identify key participants of the war , and again writes them on the blackboard . At this time another student is asked to show these countries on the map , pointing specifically at the territories they aspire to gain after the war . All this takes 40-45 minutes . After that the teacher initiates the about Moscow conference and invites three students to represent Molotov Ribbentrop and Churchill . The teacher asks students to defend the interests of their countries (USSR , Germany and Britain respectively and the rest of the class should be willing to help . When the discussion is over , the teacher reveals the secret Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and explains its importance in the world history . After that he /she makes a short overview of the first military actions that signified the start of the WWII . Along with students he /she writes down the main dates

Hitler ‘s party foundation

Moscow conference

Molotov-Ribbentrop secret Pact

The official start of the WWII Closure

The teacher gives the students a short quiz summarizing the key points of the lesson . In to avoid students fear and resentment , he /she allows them to use their notes to answer the questions . When they are done… [banner_entry_footer]

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