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life learning essay on interratial

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Interracial Relationship

I am into a relationship that I prefer to describe as one that transcends differences , culture and color . I am a Vietnam- born Asian who grew up in the United States while my partner is a Caucasian , who was born from American parents and raised in the United States . This life learning essay aims to take a closer look at this interracial relationship experience

The Interracial Relationship Experience

I was born in Vietnam but when I was about four months old , my Vietnamese parents brought me to the United [banner_entry_middle]

States where I grew up and stayed for good . I was quite different with my American friends and classmates because physically , I am darker than and not as tall as they are . There are also some Vietnamese family- incorporated beliefs and principles that are taught to me at home that are otherwise not familiar with my peers . Nevertheless , I consider myself to have successfully integrated into the American way of life and the American culture such that I grew up speaking the American language and acting and dressing the way most Americans do

I was 18 years old when I met HIM , a Caucasian who was particularly a very nice and good looking guy . We love being with each other because both of us share the same interests . Both of us enjoy reading books and watching movies and we share the same passion for music . What started to be a friendly relationship turned into a romantic one

Everything would have been okay except that there are people who are not quite amenable with the relationship . My family contends that my relationship would be better off with a fellow Vietnamese who share with me the same heritage and background . My mother contends that Americans generally do not value relationships the same way we Vietnamese do . My father and other siblings also say that a marriage with a Caucasian would probably end up with a divorce . They also tell me that Asian cultures believe it is best to date people of the same race

HIM ‘s family , on the other hand , has their own reasons for their objection to the relationship . HIM ‘s family is a Christian and the Vietnamese people being commonly regarded

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to be without religion does not make me appeal to them as a daughter- in -law . In addition to this , HIM ‘s father has bad memories about war and my Vietnamese background reminds him of killings and violence

This view is similar with other people who do not find the relationship acceptable . While interracial relationship is now quite common in the United States , there are still people in the society who do not accept an Asian- Caucasian relationship . Seeing a couple who do not have the same color and looks sometimes results to buzzes and jokes

Regardless of these disagreeable views from our families and other people , HIM and I managed to nurture our relationship . The views of our family don ‘t matter… [banner_entry_footer]

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