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Linking Instruction to Prior Experience

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This seeks to explain how students` prior experiences interests , and previous thought processes can influence the learning of current content area concepts . Explanations will establish a link between past experiences , student interest , and present learning . It will also cite examples from brain-based research to support explanation why considerations of past experiences , learning , and student interest should be important in planning lessons . In addition it will also attempt to address and include source documentation for each of the following principles : importance of meaningful learning (schema [banner_entry_middle]

theory knowledge background , and levels of processing , development of neural connections , relevance , and activating prior knowledge

Analysis and Discussion

How past influences the present and the future

Prior period experiences , interests and previous thought processes can influence the learning of current content area concepts on the premise that the present is just a continuation of the past . These concepts may be appreciated in the way we see things or a certain schema . Widmayer (n .d ) explained this in discussing Schema Theory : An Introduction , when she said , All human beings possess categorical rules or scripts that they use to interpret the world . New information is processed according to how it fits into these rules , called schema This schema can be used not only to interpret but also to predict situation occurring in our environment . She explained that information that does not fit into this schema may not be comprehended , or may not be comprehended correctly . Thus as an example we may observe lack of familiarity of something to be associated with difficulty but with exposure comes learning

She also added that in contrast to Ausubel ‘s Meaningful Receptive Learning Theory , the learner in schema theory actively builds schema and revises them in light on new information . She explained saying Each individual ‘s schema is unique and depended on that individual ‘s experiences and cognitive processes . where the learner more or less new knowledge to the existing hierarchy . In this representation , memory is driven by structure as well as meaning Knowledge in Schema Theory , however , is not necessarily stored hierarchically . In fact , it is meaning-driven and probably represented propositionally , and these networks of propositions are actively constructed by the learner

The author although comparing two learning theories was obvious in making a connection between present learning with stored knowledge whether hierarchically made or not . The fact that he mentioned structure and meaning in driving knowledge in either of the theories will prove the undeniable connection between past knowledge and present learning . She even mentioned that that it is the learner himself who actively constructs network of prepositions to enhance his learning

As a living proof of strong connection of past experience and instruction , it must not be difficult to observe a person who has learned by experience . It is even said that experience is the best teacher may be because the learner in such context is applying his common sense to deal with every new situation on the basis of… [banner_entry_footer]

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