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Have humans so ‘mastered ‘ nature

that they are causing climate change and global warming

One of the most pressing issues that have been plaguing the global community for the past few decades is global warming and its subsequent effect , which are climate changes . By definition , global warming refers to the observed increases is the average temperature of the Earth ‘s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades

According to Wikipedia , an increase in global temperatures can cause other changes , including rises in sea level and changes in the amount and pattern of [banner_entry_middle]

precipitation . These changes may increase the frequency and intensity of extreme water events , such as floods , droughts , heat waves , hurricanes , and tornados . Other consequences may lead to higher or lower agricultural yields , glacier retreat , reduced summer streamflows , species extinctions , and the like (Wikipedia , 2006

According to the website of the Natural Resources Defense Council or NRDC , global warming is basically caused by carbon dioxide and other air pollution that is collecting in the atmosphere like a thickening blanket , trapping the sun ‘s heat and causing the planet to warm up (NRDC , 2006

The Ecobridge website also notes that deforestation is one of the primary causes of global warming . Deforestation is responsible for 25 of all carbon emissions entering the atmosphere , by the burning and cutting of about 34 million acres of trees each year . The destroying of tropical forests alone is throwing hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year (Ecobridge , 2006

Naturally , these factors contribute to the significant changes that we have been experiencing in climate . When we talk about climate changes most everyone will agree that we have felt a certain alteration in the way the temperature of the Earth is nowadays . But scientifically speaking , there have been proof that extreme weather changes have been happening more frequently than it has over the past few decades . Again as noted in the Eco-Bridge website , Thomas Karl , director of the National Climatic Data Center (NOAA , the current pace of temperature rise is “consistent with a rate of 5 .4 to 6 .3 degrees Fahrenheit per century ” By comparison , the world has warmed by 5 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit since the depths of the last ice age , 18 ,000 to 20 ,000 years ago . Ice cores taken from the Dunde Ice Cap in the Qilian Mountains on the northeastern margin of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau indicate that the years since 1938 have been the warmest in the last 12 ,000 years . The melting is accelerating . The Lewis Glacier on Mt . Kenya (In Kenya ) has lost 40 of its mass during the period 1963-1987 or at a much faster clip than during 1899-1963 (Eco-Bridge , 2006

Wikipedia also noted that based on NASA ‘s Goddard Institute for Space Studies , 2005 was the warmest year since reliable , widespread instrumental measurements became available in the late 1800s , exceeding the previous record set in 1998 by a few hundredths of a degree Celsius (Wikipedia , 2006

In Australia , specifically , experts have reason… [banner_entry_footer]

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