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Lord of the flies essay

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Lord of the Flies

William Golding ‘s Lord of the Flies ,1954 has yet to be stripped off his thesis that man is basically evil and without rules , their actions will only lead to chaos . The scenes and characters in his book elaborate on this thesis that when society ‘s rules and restraints break down , humans resort to their evil behavior . Evil behavior is visualized as becoming savages , wearing nothing but leaves , following physical power instead of reason , breakdown of symbolized by the Conch shell getting broken and ultimately , evil is visualized [banner_entry_middle]

as killing a fellow human while idolizing a pig ‘s head placed at the end of a stake

Today , scientists and psychologists work hand in hand to pinpoint the root of this evil in human beings . They know that once evil in humans has been found the debate where man is basically good or evil will end Richard Dawkins , author of The Selfish Gene brings to light the existence of this evil in animals and humans in the physical form of a gene . Self-preservation has been the key concept in evolutionary discourse . Survival machines thrive amongst savage competition , deceit and ruthless exploitation innate in animals and humans . Lord of Flies culminate the evil found in man as it naturally comes out of the stranded boys in the secluded island when slowly , in daily ounces , the boys are stripped of objects that has maintained their security from the evil in themselves

Evil in man exists because inside his criminality , there is yearning for justice and . Evil things that man do are bad not with respect to their being evil but because they affect the things of what they ought to be . The boys trapped in the island was not ought to be in that island in the first place . They were surrounded with objects and circumstances that was not ought to be . The rules they mustered to draw up did not take root deeper than how much it ought to be founded . At the end of a series of economic , political and social strife , chaos happens , death comes upon them , and evil finally reveals itself

It is easy to experience this evil inside one ‘s psyche . A minute of blackout will cause people to curse . Eating pork , according to Traditional Chinese Medicine brings hotness to the body that triggers ills or that cause the body to turn to evil attitudes such as being hot headed and short tempered . Self-preservation of one ‘s culture and lifestyle had caused crashing of the World Trade Center , killing thousands of people during 911 . The Rwanda genocides is proof of how man ‘s evilness wills a tribe to wipe out another tribe as people distrust other forms of more peaceful ways to resolve conflict . Debates against stem cell cloning lead to evilness of man to kill a living embryo to develop organs that will prolong life of human beings . Some of these patients suffer diseases caused by their own careless and carefree… [banner_entry_footer]

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