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The soldiers with full erection asking his wife to come out from Akropolis -that was almost nonsense for ancient Greeks and was a really funny situation for Greeks . But today it ‘s also a completely comic scene . Anyway Lysistrata ‘ still remains interesting for modern readers because the view of life of different nations in remote times will be always thrilling , even more if it is given in satirical manner

Speaking about Lysistrata ‘ as the material for studying or a part of curriculum there is no strong arguments for the removing of [banner_entry_middle]

this play from the studying program . In fact , this play bears not more sexual contest than many of our contemporary pieces of art . Of course , the advice to read rather than perform for students is right as it is no good for students to show all the details of this play on the scene . One the other hand it is also possible to edit a little the play by cutting out the spiciest moments paying more attention to its ethical points . It is not necessary to perform the moments when Lysistrata says about something of enormous proportions ‘ or when husbands with full erection are trying to get their wives out of Akropolis . It would be not bad when performing this play to pay most attention to the words when Lysistrata says about the necessity to stop the war or when men finally stop the war following the demands of women ‘s strike . It would be good to avoid some deeply sexual jokes and concentrate attention on the rest of good humour by Aristophanes Regarding studying the play in the classroom -there must be some shortened versions of the play which are adopted for student ‘s education . But the outcome of this small research is clear – Lysistrata ‘ must be presented… [banner_entry_footer]

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