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Machiavelli , A Founding Father



Machiavelli advocated centralization and concentration of power in The Prince while the authors of the Federalist s call for the separation of powers and a system of checks and balances . The Prince however , was a job application to Lorenzo di Medici the son of Piero di Medici . Lorenzo had just inherited the principality of Florence by settlement of a war with the Pope and his mercenaries ( Lerner xxvii ) in 1512 . Machiavelli , was however , not as alien to the ideas of the Convention espoused by [banner_entry_middle]

the various Federalist s . For much of his life he was staunchly republican in his outlook the loss of the Florentine Republic and his position as an advisor to the powerful were powerful motivators to write a pro-monarchy text to regain his former position in the new state ( Lerner xxviii ) During this imposed exile from the halls of power Machiavelli ‘s works included the Discourses , an analysis of the Roman Republic , its power structure , and its defects In The Discourses Machiavelli is plainly pro-republic , though he also manages to treat the issue of a monarchy as well . Machiavelli ‘s ideas are included to some degree in the Federalist s and the Constitution of the United States

Machiavelli , Hamilton , Jay , and Madison would all find agreement in some of the most important aspects of the governing of a Republic including the use of a standing army and the separation of powers

Standing Army

The issue of a standing army was a touchy one for the convention . The military was part of the executive power and a standing army could be abused . Indeed he warns of this in Federalist 8

But in a country , where the perpetual menacings of danger oblige the government to always be prepared to repel it , her armies are must be numerous enough for instant defence ” The importance of the of the soldier is enhanced and the military state is elevated above the civil In territories that are often the theatre of war , are unavoidably subjected to frequent violation of their rights and by degrees the people come to consider the soldier their superiors 8 , p35

However , the Convention left the raising of regular troops solely under the authority of Congress , and not the President . Thus they are under the control of the people the Congress shall decide when a standing military is necessary before a President has them to Command . Hamilton says that the power to maintain a standing army in time of peace is a necessary caution given the fact that the Dominions of Britain and Spain b the fledgling nation 24 , p120 . Machiavelli would agree “Such princes and republics of modern times as have no national troops for defense or attack ought well to be ashamed of it (prince 175 ) and I conclude , therefore , that no principality is secure without having its own forces (Prince pg 52-53 Separation of Powers

The separation of powers has been regarded as the hallmark of republican principles . The separation… [banner_entry_footer]

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