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Mama might be better off dead::The Failure of Health Care in Urban America

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p The Failure of Health Care in Urban America

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There is an old adage that maintains that without health , one truly has nothing , even if they possess money and material things . While this is true as far as it goes , there is also evidence to show that those at the top of the socioeconomic scale suffer from far fewer chronic ailments simply because they have the means to obtain the best health care that their abundance of money can [banner_entry_middle]

buy . Surely , one may argue , the economically challenged also have equal access to proper health care through governmental assistance programs and the indulgence of the health care industry itself , especially in urban areas , where health care resources are plentiful . Those who make this argument , however could be mistaken

In this , Laurie Kay Abraham ‘s definitive book on the subject Mama Might be Better Off Dead : The Failure of Health Care in America will be used to explore the of urban health care for the poor additionally , Abraham ‘s book will be critiqued and discussed

Urban Life in America

To fully understand the problem of urban health care for the poor , as well as being able to critically examine Abraham ‘s book , it is important to gain an understanding of urban life in America , as well as the unique socioeconomic challenges the urban setting poses for the individuals living there

The people in American cities who face the most challenges in terms of maintaining their health , and a decent level of quality of life for that matter , are not the people riding in limousines or rushing down the street to important business meetings , clothed in expensive suits and clutching a cell phone and gourmet coffee as if they were life preservers in a choppy sea . Rather , they are the people whom one might say live in the fringes of society their home can consist of anything from a rent controlled government housing complex to a primitive shack or cardboard box in a filthy alleyway . In any case , these underprivileged people often lack proper shelter from the heat of summer and the cold of winter their dinner table , if they have one , is devoid of enough food to properly sustain them . It is also not unusual for them to be abusers of drugs or alcohol as a means of escaping the harsh reality of their meager existence , if only temporarily . All of this combined makes for a dangerous , unhealthy environment where violence and misery engulf everyone

The poverty of many urban dwellers is a compound effect as well in many situations because of the lack of funds and the time and energy spent on just surviving , the education that these people would need to improve their lot in life is unattainable , and the cycle of poverty carries forward from one generation to the next , with little relief in sight With the rare exception of some scholarships and government… [banner_entry_footer]

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