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Business Plan for Online Art Gallery


The development of internet business has taken the world by storm and art business is no different . Today all most all the established galleries of past have adopted to this new medium and new ventures are mushrooming across world almost everyday . Internet has specifically opened the art industry as two of the major barriers are removed – distance and limitation of choices . Previously if somebody has to buy something unique they have to travel to the place where that specific art is nurtured and [banner_entry_middle]

secondly there was limitation of choices as scanning through a lot choices use to take lot of time and traveling expenses Now if you like to purchase an Egyptian painting you are not restricted by choices nor have to go to Egypt to get the best in the world

The growing level of prosperity in the western countries has also given a fillip to the art industry across the world , as more and more people today can afford a collection of their choice . In an organized exhibition by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA ) in New York more than 10000 people (Vanessa Silberman , 2001 ) flock around seeing and buying paintings , drawing , prints , sculptures and photographs by artists of almost all periods

Online Art Gallery Business Model

The art gallery is focusing on three core areas – education , open and vibrant platform for artists and a personalized solution one-stop shop for business and real estate clients (Dr . Ralph F . Wilson , 1996


Education is one of the booming sectors of the economy . People today are spending more on their kids ‘ education than ever before . The school and colleges are slow to react with the change in technology and still follows rudimentary method of teaching art and culture . Most of the schools either don ‘t have relevant material or even if they have it is in form of old pictures . The gallery will try to develop the material as per the subject requirements . So the schools and colleges can ask for development of material and can buy outright for school purpose

The second revenue model is that by digitalizing the art collection , it can be sold to each student as aid to subject curriculum . This model will help in first generating the revenue and secondly it will expose students to company ‘s products at a very early age

Platform for Young Artists

Most artists look for avenues on internet to sell their products . Not every artist has his personal website as driving traffic to customers is one of the challenges of new marketing . The website will provide a ready platform for young artists and will help in selling their crafts . The selling model will vary as per the contract between gallery and artist So the artwork can be sold at a fixed price on which the gallery will earn commission from the artist . The other method will be asking for bids for a particular artwork and the revenue model for the gallery… [banner_entry_footer]



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