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Marketing Communication

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Marketing Communication : The Role of Ethics

1 . Introduction and Objective

Marketing communication as a profession has , over the years , matured into one of the most desirable careers available for young men and women , not just in the USA but all over the world . Numerous colleges produce fresh faced young graduates in marketing , sales , marketing research , advertising , public relations , event management , marketing and sales promotions and other related discipline . The profession is inclusive in the sense that a person , engaged in any function connected to the sales and marketing function , needs to [banner_entry_middle]

be involved in marketing communication . Both the CEO of a large soaps company and the fresh faced entrant in the copy room of a small town ad agency need to be effective marketing communicators

The broad range of people who belong to or are associated with marketing communication , as well as the profession ‘s integral relationship with sales and marketing make it a work area that provides strong opportunities for rapid career growth within business organizations . In addition to work prospects within organizations , marketing communication professionals service industry through large advertising , public relations and media companies or by working as independent consultants The profession also attracts people because of the intrinsic nature of work , which is thought to be people friendly , mentally stimulating and to a great extent free of tedium and everyday drudgery . While working hours are long , the money is good and opportunities for travel being plentiful career counsellors are often eloquent in recommending it to young people as an attractive career opportunity

Marketing communications is a fun profession . You have a wonderful opportunity to work hands on with exciting ideas in an effort to bring them to life . Through a well-chosen marketing communications curriculum you are sure to take the first steps toward an exciting and lucrative career (Daflos , 2004

The profession is thriving and attracting new entrants globally Continuous enrichment of the global resource pool also results in ideas research , case analyses , substantial interaction by professionals on multi-industry , multi-functional and multi-environment parameters and professional bodies working on ways and means to improve different aspects of the profession . An area of concern in today ‘s post Enron scenario is the issue of ethics in all areas of corporate responsibility . While the issue of ethics in marketing communication has always occupied centerstage , global citizenry today needs much more transparency from marketing communicators with respect to disclosures that can affect all stakeholders in the business including investors bankers , suppliers , employees and customers

It is the purpose of this essay to study different dimensions of the marketing communication profession and the services its members render to clients in an increasingly fragmented market . The researcher will also take up the challenges which face the profession in today ‘s rapidly changing and globalised business scenario with particular reference to the issue of ethics , the ways in which the profession is trying to deal with the issue and what still needs to be done . The researcher has depended extensively on the literature… [banner_entry_footer]

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