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Marketing Communication

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Marketing Communication

Society has entered to the Era of Technology and Communication , and this technological development has changed the social landscape of business Technological innovations made to develop a system of electronic retail transaction in to make everyday purchases easier than before . It is predicted that newss have no future because of wide spread of internet using , although it cannot replace traditional means of communication including consumer promotion , trade promotion and sponsorship

On the one hand , the Internet rationalizes the expensive proposition of large-scale customer service . In contrast to traditional [banner_entry_middle]

sources of information (a printed matter ) Internet proposes both the content and possibility of forming relationships with other buyers and with the brand ‘s managers acting as a magnet , drawing consumers back to the Internet on a frequent and regular basis . Newss have no future because new interactive medium enables further commercial opportunities for the brand owners and legitimizes the investment in website development and maintenance . In this respect , connecting the brand site and the social aptitude of community participants potentially creates a new marketing tool (Turban et al , 2004

The Internet allows customers to compare prices and product characteristics without leaving their office or home . Newss cannot meet these requirements covering only a small market area in contrast to the Internet . Second , the system serves to reduce at least the appearance of risk associated with time-space distanciation and the opacity of the expert system (Chaffy et al , 2000 . All of the websites appear to be aiming at the same goal -replacing face-to-face customer service with systemized service that provides customers with windows into the workings of abstract systems : the stock market or a package delivery system . Through Internet portal sites , handheld devices blogs and instant messaging , we are accessing and processing information in ways that challenge the historic function of the news business and raise fundamental questions about the future of the news field (Brown 2005

Business-to-consumer sales (B2C ) or online shopping has received the most attention from the general public . The Internet has become the most popular one because it ‘s major advantage in that it is featured at the location where many of the final decisions and actual purchases are made (Evans et al , 2004 . Users (readers ) do not need to pay for news on the Internet and other types of information . People don ‘t pay for their news in traditional newss : they pay for the , which typically costs the company more than it charges for the finished product (Do Newss Have a Future ? 2006 . Internet ads should be addressed to parents in to persuade them to buy . It will help to attract new customers and increase the number of regular sales . When a company establishes a site on the Internet , it automatically becomes global , at least in terms of its potential to reach global customers with information . In this case , newss become a thing of the past serving only a small geographic area (Fill , 1999

Advances in technology have resulted in the availability… [banner_entry_footer]

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