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marketing communications

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The standard means that most people are exposed to when it comes to marketing communication are advertising and sales promotion . However most of these means are effective in a sense to be able to entice customer trials and to enhance product knowledge . Seeing products endorsed on television , overheard in radio or even just seeing printed materials such as posters , banners and flyers will already catch the attention , assuming of course they are within the confides of the interests that any consumer has

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of cellular phones in the peak years had enticed me to get one to get with the times back then . However , it also meant having to save some of my daily earnings , considering that with the higher cost of the basic necessities , proper budgeting in ensuring that such needs will not be forgotten was a need . Self-discipline is still something that should be given emphasis , especially at times when a vice that some people can live without can be passed up on

Basic necessities that consumers surely need today are that of food Looking for the cheapest commodities available , and these include canned goods and on sale items . Coupons and on sale items are the most common enticement materials that help budget conscious consumers determine what to purchase and how many . For sure , the cheaper they are , the higher chance that they will be bought

The concept of each marketing communication is to determine which would entice and gain the interest of consumers . Hearing discounts and sale alone is already a big factor that toys around with the psychological thinking of most people and this is evident . Companies map out various marketing techniques through the different forms of mediums , but this will depend on their line of business above anything else . For example food commodities can be sampled in all three mediums and gain the proper product background and knowledge prior to consummating the whole process . However , only one tool will sure to be the most effective and this can only be determined through the response that people will make Relevant cost-benefit studies will be required to identify which is the best promotional tool , but in the case of food , TV media is the most feasible one , since presentation , endorsement and actual footage and information are effectively stressed out in the duration of the commercial for the said commodity


Marketing Communications

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