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Mass Communications

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Mass Communication : Role of News in Society

It is a matter of fact that media has a profound influence on modern society . What is the role of news ? Does older generation have different attitude to them the younger does ? How can press sectioned off into neat little columns and headings ‘ entertain people ? In to shed light on the mentioned dilemma Mr . Davis (a fifty-five years retiree ) agreed with pleasure to be interviewed . Although he belongs to older generation , he approves the importance of press in the world . He was asked about the [banner_entry_middle]

role of news in his life , about information he prefers to read and how can press entertain him . Below is the summary of the findings

Mr . Davis was brought up with the idea that printed media is aimed at educating people and shedding light on main political and social issues in the country as well as throughout the world . Newss contain information about happenings that may affect people ‘s lives and may agitate , resolve private conflicts by providing advices and actually protect interests of all society layers . Furthermore newss according to his mind set a certain code of private and public conduct to follow and to obey

Mr . Davis states that the aim of the news in modern society is to inform population about achievements in health , medicine , agriculture industry , education , science and technology . In his opinion , newss carry into every home the fruits of research in these and other fields in as simple and plain language as possible and help individuals in self-advancement . When Mr . Davis was young , he had no opportunities to buy TV-set and the only source of information was newss opening the doors into other countries and places before him . Therefore he is a strong proponent of printed media . He prefers to read columns related to the latest political debates as he had been working as political scientist before retirement for almost 25 years . Nevertheless newss are different now , he suggests they are perfected , because they provide different points of view a certain subjects . Earlier , he claims , all newss were shedding light only from one side without paying attentions to other relevant ideas and concepts

Mr . Davis thinks it is the best achievement of news to provide as many opinions as possible . In youth Mr . Davis read newss to entertain himself in the long winter cold and summer hot evenings because , as I mentioned above , he had no money to buy a TV-set Newss , he thinks , are really entertaining as they contain not only political and social news , but also puzzles , crosswords , funny stories and jokes . Every reader can found information he interested in

I ‘d like to say that I completely agree with Mr . Davis , because newss are inexhaustible source of relevant and interesting information . I think newss provide tolerance and brotherhood divisiveness and unity , enmity and hatred . What is more important for me is that they are able to prevent conflicts and violence and to call to peaceful relations and actually… [banner_entry_footer]

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