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Mass Communications

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Watching movies admittedly has been part of the American culture Growing up , we have witnessed the evolution of movies and films along with the new technologies in cinematic viewing , thus watching movies in theatres is now very exciting compared to watching movies decades ago Normally , I prefer watching movies at home especially when I am just trying to unwind from a long week . But on the instances that I do go out to watch a movie , I do so with the company of friends or I watch a particular movie in a theatre [banner_entry_middle]

if the show is certainly a good one . For instance , I would a watch a movie in a theatre if the movie is critiqued to have wonderful audio and digital effects . I think it is pointless to watch that kind of movie if one could not experience it in all of its glory . However , since I mostly watch movies at home , I see to it that the films I watch are certainly good ones and documentaries certainly count

Probably one of the reasons why I prefer watching movies at home is because of the privacy I get watching it alone . Compared to watching movies in theatres , watching a movie at home allows you to concentrate on the flow of the show without the disturbance of people walking past or in front of you . Moreover , watching movies at home gives you the luxury of picking out which movies you want to see unlike watching it in theatres where you have to check out first which films are shown . So I could have my pick on a wide range of movies which are suspense-horror filled , comedy , drama and light romance

On the other hand , the TV shows I watch vary because I just skim through the channels and check out if the programs are worth watching . I like watching Naval Criminal Investigative Service on CBS because although the show deals with investigation and forensics connected with the Navy it shows humor and the lighter side of the work of NCIS agents . It proves what my science teacher in kindergarten said that fun and science can go hand in hand . Since I also like to documentaries , I also tune in to the National Geographic Channel . I do not really have a particular program to watch in that channel but just browse ‘ through If something catches my interest , then I watch the program . Most of the programs I like on the National Geographic Channel are expeditions to find out lost boats and architecture

But I also do not pass out on soaps or dramas . Although I am not really a big fan of The OC and the Desperate Housewives , I watch them every chance I get . This is probably because I their plots reflect human characters that we people tend to hide . While the women in Desperate Housewives reflect glamorous women , they nevertheless show what most women try to hide . I guess TV is now portraying reality more compared to before… [banner_entry_footer]

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