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Maurice Sendak the Author

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Maurice Sendak the Author

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Maurice Sendak the Author

Maurice Bernard Sendak , an award winning writer and illustrator was born on June 10 , 1928 in Brooklyn , New York to Philip Sendak and Sadie Schindler , Polish immigrants from small Jewish villages outside Warsaw who came to the United States before World War I . Sendak , the youngest child , along with his sister Natalie , and brother Jack grew up in a poor section of Brooklyn

Sendak was sickly in his early years . He suffered from measles , double [banner_entry_middle]

pneumonia , and scarlet fever between the ages of two and four and was barely allowed outside to play . He spent a great deal of his childhood at home . To pass the time , he drew pictures and read comic books . His father was a wonderful storyteller , and Maurice grew up enjoying his father ‘s imaginative tales and gaining a lifelong appreciation for books . His sister gave him his first book , Mark Twain ‘s The Prince and the Pauper . As a young adult , he liked great adventure stories such as Typee and Moby Dick by Herman Melville . Other favorites were Bret Harte ‘s short story , The Luck of Roaring Camp and Robert Louis Stevenson ‘s A Child ‘s Garden of Verses

Young Sendak didn ‘t like school much . He was obese , sometimes stammered and wasn ‘t good at sports but excelled in his art classes . At home , he and his brother Jack made up their own storybooks by combining news photographs or comic strip segments with drawings they made of family members . Maurice and his brother both inherited their father ‘s storytelling gift . At age twelve , Sendak with his family saw Walt Disney ‘s Fantasia , which had influenced him to become a cartoonist . They also went to the local movie houses and occasionally his older sister would take him to Manhattan to see movies at the Roxy or Radio City Music Hall . The 1930s films , including Busby Berkeley musicals and Laurel and Hardy comedies , had a profound influence on some of his illustrations

The World War II influenced Sendak ‘s view of the world as a dark and frightening place . His relatives died in the Holocaust Natalie ‘s fiancy was killed and Jack was stationed in the Pacific . Sendak spent the war years in high school , working on the school yearbook , literary magazine and news . While still in high school , he began his work as illustrator for All-American Comics , drawing background details for the Mutt and Jeff comic strip . At nineteen , he illustrated for his high school biology teacher ‘s book , Atomics for the Millions published in 1947

In 1948 , Sendak and his brother Jack , created models for six wooden mechanical toys in the style of German eighteenth-century lever-operated toys . He did the painting and carving , Jack engineered the toys , and Natalie sewed the costumes . The boys took the models to the F .A .O Schwartz , a famous toy store in New York , where the prototypes were admired . They got turned down because… [banner_entry_footer]

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