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Media Communication

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Media Communications


We live through most of our modern lives with the assistance of technology . Since the industrial revolution , people have `worship technology and innovation as a tool of progress that will bring mankind to easier and better way of living . Some even consider that technological development is itself a form of `good ‘ that must be maintained throughout human existence . In short , no one living in a modern country could question the powerful influence of technology toward human lives

However , people often stop at [banner_entry_middle]

the conclusion that `technology is important ‘ or that `technology has a powerful influence to human lives without understanding the actual process of how technology influence social changes in the modern community . Others however , have performed studies and produced a number of theories that represented different perspectives regarding the relationship between technology and social changes

Within this , we will discuss the theory of Technological Determinism and its critiques . There are actually numerous critiques regarding the theory , but one of the most notable is the critique by Raymond Williams . In this , we will also elaborate Williams perspective toward the relationship between technology and social phenomenon , and how they would apply to several communication technologies Technological Determinism Theory

Technological Determinism is a term coined by an American sociologist Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929 ) that has developed into one of the most dominant views in news media and popular culture . It is a reductionism doctrine that a society ‘s technology solely determines its cultural values , social culture , or history . It is a view that suggests the existence of a direct causal relationship between technological development and social change

Merrit Rose Smith (1994 ) described Technological Determinism as `the belief in technology as a key governing force in society . Other describes the concept as `the belief that social progress is driven by technological innovation , which in turn follows an inevitable course (Smith , 1994 . The shortest definition describes Technological Determinism as the view of people who said `technology determines history (Williams , 1990 . Despite the abundant definitions , we are able to underline two general ideas of the term Technological Determinism

The development of technology follows a part beyond cultural or political influence

Technology has an inherent effects on societies

Beside these two basic characteristics , the term technological determinism has other important traits . According to this view , science and technology are autonomous , which mean that they develop only according to their own internal logic . Furthermore , once they are `released ‘ into the world , they will have an irresistible impact on the social world . In other words , as mentioned before , history itself is largely a result of the impact of new technologies (`Introduction 2005

The logic that can be concluded from the statements above is that the changes of society have no other determinant except that of technology Other factors whether they are political , economical and cultural in nature , are excluded . According to technological determinism , all events within our social world begin with technological innovation that leads to chain reactions that produces changes… [banner_entry_footer]

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