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Media Effects

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2005 Media Effects


Information is the root of actions and becomes more important in this information age . The importance of information has even doubled tripled , or even infinite as people in this age understand the necessities to learn about incidences in other part of the world and become more knowledgeable to use appropriate information for their advantages

As the sense of knowing give reasons and confidence to act towards issues , information , if delivered truthfully , can be the instruments of great deeds . In contrast if the information [banner_entry_middle]

is manipulated it will lead people to disastrous wrongful acts . Televisions , newss , magazines radios and the internet are public sources of information in which we can find out what happened in the world . The media , therefore , have been trustworthy sources of information , which is now seriously questioned since most of them do not truly inform readers about the truth , but tend to create public opinion that the sources want , driven by their political concerns

This is true since nowadays , politic , in its nature is capable to influence and control everyone ‘s life and lifestyles , and has always in the spotlight . As society gets wiser , attention on politics has never been this scrutiny . With very powerful people or party played their hands in it , politics has been one of the strongest reasons why the role of media as a trustworthy messenger is questioned . In line with the idea , Lynden Johnson says that ‘reporters are puppet , they simply respond to the pull of the most powerful strings

How Powerful Is Media

Mc Combs and Shaw in their book the Emergence of American Political Issue , state that today ‘s media have the powerful function to organize how the world looks for us . They might not successfully control our minds , but they are undeniably capable to direct ‘ our everyday thoughts

In similar tone , Shanto Iyengar and Donald Kinder in his book News That Matters , says that by paying attention to one issue and neglecting others , television is able to decide what American believed to be the most important issue to think about

For instance , Israel – Palestinian lifetime conflict has been America ‘s most important concerns in 2003 , and judging from the nature of the issue (e .g . atrocities , suicide bombing , etc , it is newsworthy , but as the media turn their focus to the Iraq war , Schwarzenegger ‘s governor election and the California Wildfires , the Israel-Palestinian issue is somehow diminished , although the debacle is not even approaching a win-win solution ( Anti Propaganda Watch

Framing , Priming and Agenda Setting

Framing is the process of making a meaning ‘ out of incidents or stories . In the effort of building a line of comprehension between journalists and the readers , the frames are often drawn from . It is said to often chosen unintentionally . As an example , when a journalist is making a story about the high rising rate of poverty in a state , he or she will have to do what is called thematic framing , which means that eventually , a connection… [banner_entry_footer]

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