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Media Frenzy in the O.J. Simpson Trial

March 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in social issues, social sciences

Media Frenzy in the O .J . Simpson Trial

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The following is an essay written on the `Media Frenzy in the O .J . Simpson trial . The O .J . Simpson case is known as the trial of the century and is a classic example of how the American criminal system works . The O .J . Simpson case brought forward the existing conflict of racial differentiation between the whites and the blacks . The worse aspect of this trial was the role of the media and the [banner_entry_middle]

way in which they presented the whole scenario , which is discussed in detail in this essay

Why was the media frenzy evident in the O .J . Simpson trial

Media plays an evident role in many aspects of life and in many events Sometimes the role played by media regarding an event can be biased and sometimes full of conspiracy . The media played the worst role in the trial of O .J Simpson . The O .J Simpson trial was a trial , which depicted the ever-existing conflict of racism between the whites and the blacks The O .J . Simpson trial was termed many times as `the trial of the century . The reason behind it was that this trial comprised of all the constituents of a key event in the history of America such as race violence , dispensation , the fortitude of the Californian politics . On top of it all it was the most offensive display of the underlying tension and clashes that existed between the blacks and whites and of how they perceived the criminal justice system . The gravest aspect of this trial was that it worsened the racial conflicts between the two groups instead of improving them , infact this trial made the feelings behind those conflicts even stronger

Johnnie Cochran was Simpson ‘s lawyer and he had always been there when the people needed him to fight for justice . Since the 1960 ‘s to the 21 ‘st century Johnnie Cochran had always worked for the justice system to work properly . This trial did not show an African lawyer who was just protecting his client because of the fact that he was an African too what it showed was an African American lawyer who was rational vivacious , well prepared and bold . Johnnie Cochran was not there to defend a man that belonged to the same race as his but he was there to defend his innocent client from the wrong accusation of being a murderer . The black celebration was not to celebrate the freedom of a guilty man from a case , but it was the celebration of the fact that there was finally somebody who had the guts and confidence to stand up to the system and highlight its errors . The celebration was all about a lawyer who defended his client and not a depiction of being least bothered about the brutal murder of the victims or of a criminal system that had many errors . The fact that was celebrated was… [banner_entry_footer]

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