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Media Production

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Media Production

I . Introduction

HYPERLINK “http /marketing .about .com /mbiopage .htm ” Laura Schneider differ the terminology of marketing ‘ and sales ‘ with a of reach ‘ and close . She says that marketing is everything that we do to reach and persuade prospects . In marketing strategy we are familiar with the term marketing mix ‘ composing of Product Promotion , Place , and Price

Concerning the promotion , we witness lots of advertisements fill the space of advertising spots in all media from newss to television and a simple brochure to complicated [banner_entry_middle]

pop ups advertising over the Internet . They are all bringing the same intention that is to attract customers and fledgling ones to repeatedly use the advertised products or services

Interestingly , the advertiser are commonly using the same subjects , the women Although the advertised products are intended for men , still in the commercial spots we witness women play the role in promoting the products

The facts soon raise critics that advertisers are intentionally exploiting women to entice customers and fledgling ones to buy the advertised products . This is because in the advertisement we encounter that the sexual side of women are intentionally exploited such as women who wearing hot pants , bikini and many more

Under such circumstances , in this , we will discuss the pros and cons concerning the uses of stereotypes of women to sell products . Prior to the discussion , we will present the women and their sexual appeal and the stereotypes theory in advertising

The basic theory employed in this is one from Paul Starr that shown in his latest books The Creation of Media : Political Origins of Modern Communications in which he says about the relation about historical development of motion picture and political aspects Therefore , in this , we will find out why the use of women is extensive in today ‘s advertising

II . Women and Sexual Appeal

In Women , John Lennon sings that women are creatures that make every man become crazy about . From the stories of Napoleon and Cleopatra to Clinton and Monica Lewinsky , we witness how women , behind their gracefulness , have the power to stir men to do what they want

The facts underlie advertisers to use as many as women in their advertising . Look at Toyota , Nike , Pepsi , and specific men ‘s products like condoms , we will see in the products ‘ advertisements that women are there

No matter what the product , the tactics are all the same that is to get a beautiful and charming person in advertising spots and hope the audience will be tricked into thinking that maybe they can be /have that beautiful person . The use of these models and how they are posed is actually a very precise art , composing of human biology and the nature of sex

In to achieve the high quality art , graphic artists have become the Picasso ‘s of this technological age in which they turn any ordinary woman into a goddess . The trick is they play upon our biological instincts for procreation . By… [banner_entry_footer]

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