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Medical Marijuana : Medical Boon or Social Bong

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Medical Marijuana : Medical Boon or Medical Bong

The decision to treat a patient by using medical marijuana should be a medical decision between a patient and his physician . The purpose of medicine is to treat patients and heal their disease , or if unable to heal , at least to relieve their pain and suffering . Medical marijuana should be a treatment option for a patient in consultation with and [banner_entry_middle]

under the direction and supervision of his physician . The decision to use a particular mode of treatment should not be a political decision it should not be a social decision it should not be decision influenced by any political or religious group

Virtually everyone seems to have an opinion about the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes . A wide variety of conflicting and contradictory statements are frequently made in discussion of this issue . Once one removes all the rhetoric about this issue , there are two basic positions : those opposing the use of medical marijuana and those who favor it . Each of these sides view this issue with extreme passion Each viewpoint has brought in “facts ” about the medical marijuana issue as diverse as the farming activities of George Washington , the drug dealer on the street and palliative care for patients dying for AIDS (Geddes , 2002 . This is not an issue where the facts are presented commonly and a rational decision is drawn . This controversy has led to impassioned attacks the motives and character of each side by the other For every claim made by one side , there is a denial by the other side Both groups have behaved disingenuously by ignoring facts and information that offers evidence against their position . When information is available each side tends to twist it to meet its own agenda . The opponents on both sides of this question approach with a zeal that bs on obsession . Such passion makes one wonder just what each group has at stake

The medical marijuana issue has become an extremely emotional issue for both sides . Frankly it appears that both sides have taken a position and are more interested in having their position legally validated without regard to the truth . Both sides are bringing out all the stops trying to gather information to support their position . Consequently , the arguments for both sides contain fallacies , engage in a variety of personal attacks , and deceptive practices

For example , opponents point out that many of those who support the use of marijuana are the same people who elect to use it recreationally (Geddes , 2002 . They contend that approval of medical marijuana is a smokescreen used by recreational users to begin the process toward complete legalization of marijuana . They further contend that proponents of medical marijuana intend to “make marijuana and other drugs widely and legally available (Geddes , 2002 . They emphasize this attack on the proponents with an attack on their character . putting aside… [banner_entry_footer]



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