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Medical School Essay

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A Life in Discovery

We unquestionably miss the significant progress medicine has made in the last century and a half . The miracle drugs called antibiotics which have neutralized the potency of several powerful diseases , and the innovative vaccines which have removed the danger of numerous alarming diseases , have emerged only in the last 50 years . These and more demonstrate the almost impossible-to-keep-track geometric progression of the advance of modern medicine . Myriad of named and unnamed individuals contributed to that fact . Today ‘s patient enjoys gigantic benefits of medical concern that his [banner_entry_middle]

ancestors never dreamed likely . Yet , with all these progress , there is still room for improvement , for many aspects of this cherished field of human services and endeavor . My quest is absolutely to merge knowledge intuition , logic and deduction prayer and experience with people concern in general . And definitely the reason that Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine Science is most fitting to me where education , clinical practice , research and community service are pillars that support life in discovery ‘ A life in discovery means learning in particular that fear of pain and fear of death are two of the most potent forces in life and that these two are inextricably intertwined in the career path I have chosen . The preparation of which is crucial to the search . This entails acknowledgment of my profound need to be prepared and the awareness that a lot of changes are in store for me as an individual and a future practitioner or scholar . This path which I intend to take is a path of discovery for me personally and to carve pebbled steps for others to tread on . With it is the awareness of the fact that every patient who enters a hospital experiences a certain degree of fear and this inspires me to this mission . This fear factor is paralyzing and it embraces death by and large . RC Sproul , in his bestselling book The Hunger for Significance ‘ explains that . no matter the patient ‘s outer mask of bravado , those attending the patient can assume that anxiety is present . And that fear factor can be serious enough to inhibit the healing process and to cause unexpected trauma during and after surgery (1991 ,

.161 . Pain of any size is magnified to those who are suffering . Hence , medical care is of utmost concern and it is a people concern . I echo with Blaise Pascal when he said , What a chimera then is man ! What a novelty ! What a monster , what a chaos , what a contradiction , what a prodigy ! Judge of all things , feeble earthworm depository of truth , a sink of uncertainty and error , the glory and shame of the universe (Pascal , 434 . Yet I hasten to add that it is because of this that I dream big dreams of being able to share for the better environment where all people are treated with dignity , where the recognition of every human need is appreciated and addressed


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