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September 16 , 2006

Ms . Alina Lane

Marketing Specialist

Dear Anita

Good day

be informed that you are chosen to represent the company to Nigeria on November 14-23 , 2006 , to conduct a series of preliminary contract negotiation sessions in the said country

Nigeria is the most populated African country . Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and Lagos is its largest city . This country is also the 12th largest petroleum producing country . Furthermore , it ranked 8th in the world of petroleum exporting . It is a founding Organization of the Petroleum [banner_entry_middle]

Exporting Countries (OPEC ) member because of its large natural gas and petroleum reserves

Nigerian Naira is the country ‘s monetary unit and the average exchange rate is N8 .04 per US 1 .00

There are over 400 recognized ethnic groups in Nigeria , which results to a variety of culture . Although there are more than 400 known languages in Nigeria , English is considered the official language so you won ‘t have a harder time communicating with the people there . There is also a very wide range of religion in Nigeria although Islam is still the main religion of the country . The education system in the country is still growing amidst a number of out-of-school youths which is mainly because of poverty . The health problems in Nigeria are extremely high because of the lack of doctors and the shortage on medical equipments

Like most African nation , Nigerian climate is extremely high . You are going there by mid-November , and by September to November , there is a moderate temperature and it is considered as a season of clear skies therefore there is a lower humidity in the most part of the country

It is also important to take note of Nigeria ‘s relationship with other countries especially with international organizations . They are member country of the United Nations , and they are also affiliated with African organizations such as the OUA and the ECOWAS

They are known to be hospitable and visitors are often treated with respect so you will not find it hard to relate with them . As for the punctuality , in Nigeria , and in any country for that matter , it is very important to keep track of your scheduled time so as not to offend your business partners

For further readings and for you to know more about Nigeria , I suggest that you get a copy of The Lonely Planet World Guide – Nigeria . This will help you to know more about the customs and traditions of the certain country , as well as some of the basic business customs that will surely help you in your stay there

Should you encountered any problem , don ‘t hesitate to go to the US Embassy with the address

U .S . Embassy to Nigeria

Embassy of the United States of America

Plot 1075 Diplomatic Drive

Central District Area , Abuja , Nigeria

Telephone (234 )-9-461-4000

Fax (234 )-9-461-4036

Hope you will have a worthwhile stay in Nigeria . Should you have any question , contact me


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