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Reading and writing are two interrelated activities that helped shape my understanding of the world and make me the person I am today Absorbing the wisdom accumulated in this world through reading , I was able to enhance my knowledge and understanding of many things that would otherwise have escaped my attention . This opportunity translated into the possibility to assess everyday events on a new level . In writing , I apply this increased knowledge to shed light on things that I want to point out to many people . My ability to read and [banner_entry_middle]

write arose out a combination of family influences and school work , that both affected my level of intellectual development to this day

My parents placed great emphasis on reading , strongly believing that reading books and periodicals was a gateway to the outside world that nobody should miss . This was the reason why they began to teach me to read much earlier than it happened to other kids , at about 4 years of age . I remember that I was not particularly enthusiastic about the undertaking quite the other way round , my parents had to force me into it . This could be because I was still young , and such concentrated effort was a little too much for my abilities . I can clearly remember being naughty when mother tried to seat me down on the sofa and practise reading a book

I joked later on that I seemed to sense back then what load of reading would come in high school and college had I known it exactly , refusing to read did not seem such an ugly option . This was a pure joke , of course . There is no way to become an educated person other than through reading , or at least any other way would be much more difficult at best Despite these uneasy childhood memories at 7 or 8 I was already a passionate reader , devouring children ‘s books with great enthusiasm This time , my parents already had to restrict my reading , mostly because they were afraid that , given my father ‘s problems with eyesight , I may develop the same problem if I had been given free rein . Another reason was that they really wanted me to concentrate on studies , and reading often distracted me from them . I did not mind reading the books the teacher assigned in English classes , but I also wanted to read much more , which often left little time for math or other exercises

Nevertheless , I did rather well in school until I was about 11 years of age . At that point I suddenly developed a serious problem with eyes . My eyesight was as strong as before , but somehow I could not read or write for longer than 20 or 30 minutes – my eyes got tired so easily that they turned sore , and I found difficult to continue . Doctors to this point do not know exactly what happened to me . My mother took me to different doctors , we went from clinic to clinic , but each time… [banner_entry_footer]

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