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Men`s Men and Women`s women

March 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in social sciences, sociology

In Steve Craig ‘s Men ‘s Men and Women ‘s Women : How TV Commercials Portray Gender to Different Audiences , Craig talks about the gender stereotypes that advertisers use to sell their products . Craig ‘s main point is that gendered ads encourage conventional , exploitative , gender images reminding us that humans are terribly gullible creatures , and obliging us to be more aware of the evils of stereotyping

As Craig points out , it is true that there are considerable differences between advertisements directed towards men and those towards women Many advertisements directed towards women imply [banner_entry_middle]

to them that they have natural deficiencies (e .g . they are ugly ) that need to be corrected through the use of the advertised product , such as a brand of lipstick or mascara . Advertisers also play with the men ‘s gender-related insecurities , although without directly implying that men have deficiencies . A common formula goes something like : You ‘re a manly man , and you need this particular brand to complete you manliness Advertisements are also increasingly getting heavy on sexuality . Many ads work on the premise that people who use a product will attract the opposite sex

The portrayals of gender in advertising are particularly striking . These portrayals , which are determined depending on whether the target audience is male or female , are blatantly incompatible . To women , men are portrayed as sensitive and caring , and women portrayed as knowing what they want in life (often to be more beautiful . When the target audience is men , men are portrayed as powerful and manly , while women are shown lusting over men

As Craig concludes from his observation of advertisements , advertisers structure the gender images in their commercials to match the expectations and fantasies of their intended audience ‘ Gender stereotyping in ads leads to and encourages incompatible expectations in the behavior of the opposite sex , and thus probably widens the already-wide gender divide . Stereotyping in society generally leads to oppression of some form . It is thus important that people become informed of how their perceptions of the world are shaped by exploitative forces such as advertising… [banner_entry_footer]

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