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Mercury Shoes Week 4

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From many points of view , Mercury Shoes finds itself in a very sound and stable position . First of all , its portfolio of products is extremely competitive , with many of its prices well below those of the other producers in the shoes industry and with a quality levels that has led to a group of loyal consumers and a high retaining rate among them . The supply chain ensures the highest effectiveness in the production cycle with the general policy that merchandise manufactured in one region is sold in that region , something that also significantly [banner_entry_middle]

decreases operational costs , especially in terms of transport or insurance costs from one region to the other . In terms of operational costs , we can also mention a very efficient manufacturing process , which targets and reduces operational costs , increasing competitiveness

Given today ‘s global business environment , it is important for a company to have both a multinational strategy and a management team to implement it and it seems that Mercury has both . First of all , a multinational strategy allows Mercury ‘s management to have a global vision and global strategic plans . On the other hand , a capable managerial team is essential when it comes to implementation and Mercury isn ‘t lacking that either

On the other hand , one of the main difficulties at Mercury Shoes , as shown by the SWOT analysis as well , is the fact that the company has flat earnings , market share and stock price . All three basically point out in the same dangerous direction : the company has had no growth . If we look at the company ‘s portfolio of products and services , this conclusion may come as a surprise , since this clearly shows that the company is diversifying its portfolio of activities to cover a larger pro of consumers and to include , besides shoes , things like Boost Booths or Mercury Clinics

Given the fact that we have already identified the lack of growth as the main weakness and problem that Mercury is facing , one of the most important operational decision that the company needs to make should address this . In this sense , we can first of all propose that the management will speculate some of the opportunities that hereby arise One of these is related to an increasing customer confidence on the US market . From this point of view , the American market is perhaps one of the most profitable ones in which a company can succeed , with a reasonable size , high purchasing power etc . From this point of view , an increasing market share on the American market can also lead to an increasing volume of activity and higher volume of sales

On the other hand , we should not ignore the Chinese market either , with its 1 .2 billion inhabitants and a constantly increasing purchasing power . Corroborated , these two markets can be the propellers in Mercury ‘s growth strategy

Another area that Mercury should abide to is diversifying its portfolio of products and services . We have already seen that this is a strategy well on the… [banner_entry_footer]

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