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Among the many training sessions available , I chose training courses under Excel and Outlook . This is because I felt that these learning more about these two applications would be most helpful to me , both in my personal and professional life . There are still many tricks and techniques that I have yet to learn that would enable me to better utilize their features

Both sessions provide practice tests and general reference cards that serve as guides in applying the lessons discussed The first session was the Great Excel features . Although I am already [banner_entry_middle]

br familiar with most of the Excel functionalities , I would say that the highlight of this session was finding out its compare side by side feature . Navigating both workbooks at once will enable the user to easily compare and easily differentiate two sets of data 3 . What were the highlights of the ‘second training session

The training course on Outlook discusses the techniques in setting up and keeping track of your appointments and meeting schedules through Outlook . One can request and arrange details of a meeting through the calendar features . Changes in the schedules can be shared as well for easier revisions . The high point of this session was knowing how to share the items in your calendar – how to view the schedule even if it is not your own

Learning more about the features of Excel and Outlook will greatly benefit both my personal and professional life . Tasks are made more manageable and can be delivered faster if one knows how to carry out the available functionalities to the fullest

Knowing the shortcuts and techniques in Excel , especially those discussed in the training course will allow me to compute and analyze data faster , format the worksheets and data to suit my requirements and therefore , do more work in less amount of time

The same thing is true for Outlook . Managing meetings through the Outlook calendar , keeping track of appointments and following up certain reports and requirements are made easier through the available tools There is less need to manually and individually send emails to concerned parties since one can just utilize the calendar to do all these

Microsoft has designed the training courses in such a simple way that the user is sure to understand the concepts presented . They also provide practice tests and questionnaires at the end of each sessions that measure how well the user learned . There is nothing I can suggest to make the sessions better than they are now


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