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Miyazaki – Traditional Chinese History

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China ‘s Examination Hell , by Ichisada Miyazaki , is the story of the civil service tests given to the Chinese men in some shape or form over hundreds of years . These tests were considered all important , because to have a governmental job is what a man ‘s worth was often based upon (Miyazaki , 1981 . There were no other jobs that could really compare to these . It was highly impressive if one passed , and highly embarrassing and in fact ruining , if one did not . These [banner_entry_middle]

tests were so all important that baby boys began to be taught at the age of three to read and write (Miyazaki , 1981 . The baby girls , however , were set aside with the hopes that one day she would marry the highest scorer on the test (Miyazaki 1981 . There were many types of tests , and all were unbelievably difficult . There is even a story of a man who tried twenty times to pass , and was an old man by the time he finally did (Miyazaki , 1981 . In Chinese culture , those tests meant everything

As the writer was contemplating the tests , a correlation came to mind with the tests that students are required to take during school years to graduate , and to enter college . Now , more than ever , there is extreme importance in standardized testing , which essentially was the form for the Chinese testing . Children are pressured at an early age to do well on these tests or their teachers and school will suffer . Moving onto the graduation exam , many institutions only accept a high school diploma to gain entrance into a school of a field of work . It has become vitally important that a child pass the exam . At the same time , pressure is being put upon them to pass one of the many college entrance exams , and often extra testing that is specified to each school . All this goes to show that some things never change . One can be highly intelligent and able to work , but not able to take tests , and that eliminates all sorts of possibilities for that person . If we did what was right , we would put less emphasis on tests and more on learning

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Miyazaki , Ichisada (1981 ) China`s examination hell . Translated by Conrad Schirokauer . Yale : Yale University Press… [banner_entry_footer]

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