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Modern art essay

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Modern Art Essay

Pablo Picasso , one of the most renowned European painters of the 20th century , has passed through various stages in his art reflected in numerous paintings . Two of his paintings , Girl with Mandolin (1911 and Les Demoiselles d`Avignon (1907 , refer to the Cubist period in Picasso ‘s art . The two works are in many ways similar as they have been painted by the same artist , carrying traces of Picasso ‘s crisp and thoughtful style , and refer to the same period in Picasso ‘s life and same artistic movement – Cubism . At [banner_entry_middle]

the same time , the artist does not repeat himself in his paintings over and over again , so the two works are different in many ways

The earlier work , Les Demoiselles d`Avignon , is a group portrait of five prostitutes from this French town . They are naked , and their postures indicate that they are trying to be seductive . Even so , the women are represented in grotesque manner : their shapes are distorted their faces are just a combination of features inadequately fitting one another , and two of the women look as if they put on rather intimidating masks on their faces . In fact , the painter here implied a connection to the traditional African masks that fascinated him at the moment when this picture was created . Picasso himself named Les Demoiselles d`Avignon “first exorcism painting (MoMa . The prostitutes are depicted as ugly , intimidating creatures that have little femininity despite their obvious wish for attraction . The specific Cubist forms serve to underscore this brutality of their looks . The setting of the brothel , as will become typical of Cubist works , is not explored in depth . Rather , it serves as a pale background for the picture that is simply there in not to leave the girls hanging in the air by themselves . The background then serves mostly as framing for the figures that take on the primary importance in the picture . The fruits on the table , the walls – all of this is only secondary to the group in the foreground

Girl with Mandolin (1911 ) is a much more Romantic image . Here the Cubist manner begins to converge with Abstract art , a tendency that is yet to assert itself . The form disintegrates even further , the surroundings are unclear , and only the girl ‘s figure stands out from the background of the picture , appealing to the viewer with its elegant shapely form . The girl , much like Avignon prostitutes , is presented as a set of cubes , but these cubes unite to create a simple and elegant whole rather than a disgusting shape . The mandolin , a musical instrument , is represented in a much more realistic way , but the whole environment in which it placed creates a light air of surreal music . The viewer is seeing a picture that creates the impression of uttering a sound so that the audience can feel the sounds emanating from the work . The Cubist shapes are there not to make the girl lose her feminine shape and look ugly on the contrary , they… [banner_entry_footer]

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