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Moral analysis of the movie Chronicles of Narnia

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Moral analysis of the movie Chronicles of Narnia

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The chronicles of Narnia , the Lion , the Witch , and the Wardrobe was

written by C .S . Lewis in 1950 and remains the best-loved fable of all generations . A fable

story of love , family , good , evil and sacrifice with moral beliefs for readers to learn . C .S

Lewis ‘s stepson Douglas Gresham has reported that C .S Lewis did not intend on his story

to be a Christian fable . He intended on it just being a moral story about good [banner_entry_middle]

and evil

his premise being if the Jesus ‘ crucifixion had happened in modern day . The main characters are the four Pevensie children Lucy , Peter , Susan , and

Edmund . Lucy is the youngest and pure of heart , and Peter is the oldest and the leader

Susan is the first oldest , and Edmund is a lost soul . The middle child he misses his father

who is fighting in the war , and resents that he has to obey his older brother . He is selfish

angry and lost . In Narnia , Lucy , Peter , and Susan live their lives on the path of good and

the righteous , while the evil White Queen seduces Edmund (Satan ) and agrees to betray

his siblings to the White Queen in exchange for sitting on the throne beside her and a

lifetime supply of delicious Turkish treats

Lucy , Peter and Susan are told that they are part of a prophecy that says

four human children will bring about the end of Winter (Evil ) and the White queen ‘s

rule . However , there is hope , Aslen , the lion (Jesus ) has come with his army of good to

free the world of the evil White queens ‘ rule . His is the centerpiece of the story

representing good , holy , and the just . Aslen stands for virtue , condemns evil , and is the

Christ figure of the piece . He sacrifices his life to the White Queen for Edmund ‘s lost

soul and returns to life to finally conquer the White Queen . Edmund understands the evil

he has caused , and redeems himself . He is forgiven and good triumph ‘s over evil

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