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Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa “Love is repaid by love alone ” Mother Teresa first read these words when she was eighteen years old while on her way to Ireland to become a nun . Sixty-nine years later before her death she must have realized that she was one of the most loved women in the world . If the Saint Teresa ‘s phrase has any literal meaning , there is possibly no one in our age who has deserved so much love in return as Mother Teresa . Anyone who has heard her story can attest to her greatness . This was [banner_entry_middle]

a woman who felt being a devout nun , just wasn ‘t enough . She gave up her Sisters of Loreto robe for the blue and white sari of the poor , to aid and live among the destitute of Calcutta . Upon taking a vow of poverty , purity and obedience to start her new , she told herself “I ‘ll teach myself to beg no matter how much abuse and humiliation I have to endure in to help others . Her unwavering devotion to this cause came from her belief that her work was nothing less than a direct from God

Her Childhood

Mother Teresa ‘s story begins in the small town of Skopje in Albania Eastern Europe . She was born in Skopje on 27th August 1910 to a shopkeeper , Nikolle Bojaxhiu and his wife Drana . She was given the names Agnes Gonxha . The family always called her Gonxha , which means flower bud , because she was always plump and pink and cheerful . She was the youngest of three children , with a brother Lazar and sister Aga . They lived in a large house with a big garden . The Bojaxhiu family had a long tradition of success in crafts , fabric-dyeing and trade . Gonxhe was baptized in the Heart of Jesus Catholic Church and successfully completed elementary and high school years in church schools , where she was an active member of the drama section , the literary section , and the church chorus . Her parents were very caring and never turned away anyone who needed help . When Mother Teresa recalled her childhood she said ‘We were a united and very happy family ‘ Her greatest joy as a child came during church masses where she could sing , read and pray . Agnes attended mass every day , prayed and said the rosary every night

When Agnes was eight years old her father died . Her mother worked very hard to make sure the children were happy and Mother Teresa remembered her childhood as being ‘exceptionally happy ‘ Agnes ‘ mother continued to help others in need , seemingly unaware of her own condition . She would take care of alcoholic women in their neighborhood and helped another widow with six children raise her family . When that widow died , those six children became a part of the Bojaxhiu family

By looking back on Mother Teresa ‘s childhood now we cannot help but understand the effects of her mother ‘s values , charity and devotion . She grew up surrounded by faith and compassion and… [banner_entry_footer]

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