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Mount Baker Volcano Report

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Mount Baker Volcano Report

Historic Information

History of Mount Baker dates back to the ice age . The Mount Baker as we see today was formed due to the lava flows from the summit vent which erupted some 15 ,000 to 30 ,000 years ago (Scott , Hildreth and Gardner pars . 5-6 . It was however in 1790 that the Mount Baker was first spotted by a Spanish expedition . One year later , a renowned British explorer George Vancouver came to survey the northwest coast of America In 1792 , this group reached Pacific Northwest coast and [banner_entry_middle]

anchored in Dungeness Bay . Third Lieutenant Joseph Baker was the first person to document the existence of this mountain (US Geological Survey-1 , par 3 By the mid of nineteenth century , Mount Baker had been explored by many expeditors

Geographical Information

Mount Baker is located about 50 kilometers east of Bellingham Washington . It is part of a coastal range commonly known as North Cascades which extends through Washington , Oregon and northern California . It can be best viewed from the Glacier Creek Road off Highway 542 . The Dead Horse Road 3907 is located on the northern side of the Baker . The Forest Service Road 372 runs along its southern side

Geological Information

Mount Baker is 3285 meters (10778 ft ) tall mountain and its foundations are based on non-volcanic rocks . Top of the mountain remains covered with snow throughout the year . Mount Baker is one of the most glaciated mountains of the Cascade volcanoes . Its upper flanks are exposed and its lower flanks are steep and vegetated . The present cone of the mountain was formed less than 30 ,000 years ago . In the last about 10 ,000 years the area around the mountain remained ice-free yet the mountain itself remains heavily covered with snow (US Geological Survey-2 , pars . 4-5

Type of Volcano

Mount Baker is a large stratovolcano . A stratvolcano is basically a tall , and a conical mountain . Its surface is composed of hardened lava and volcanic ash . Stratvolcanos have steep sides and wide base Stratvolcanos usually exceed the heights of 2500 m ( stratovolcano par 1 , and the Mount Baker is 3285 m tall

Eruption History and Behavior

Volcanic activity in Mount Baker started almost a million years ago (US Geological Survey-3 , para 1 . The ice-age however eroded most of its old lava and tephra deposits . In the post ice-age era , an eruption took place some 6000 years ago . There had been several explosions during the mid 19th century . In the recent times , lahars (mud slides ) were created due to weakening of bedrocks in 1950-70s (Scott , Hildreth and Gardner pars . 5-6 . From 1975 onwards , thermal activity has continuously been noted at Mount Baker

Future Hazards

Mount Baker is an active volcano . There is a continuous thermal activity indicated by steaming fumaroles at its flanks and craters . The geologists however strongly believe that there are no chances of lava eruption from the Mount Baker . The only hazard that still exists is the debris flows (US Geological Survey , pars . 21-29 . The Mount Baker has a long history of lahars . At present , lahars are considered to be the matter of concern which may pose threat in the future as well (Scott Hildreth and Gardner , par 3

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