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movie `Birth of a Nation`

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Movie : The Birth of A Nation Movie : The Birth of A Nation

The Birth of a Nation is considered one of the most controversial films ever made but is regarded also as an emblem of technical innovations and creative art . Film scholars hold the view that this movie is definitely one of the most significant contributions in nurturing cinema ‘s role as an art form (Goad , Craig M . 1979 Silvia , Fred .1971 ) The Birth of a Nation portrays some of the most chaotic and turbulent conflicts of American History . The [banner_entry_middle]

post civil-war period is picturised with colors of racial discrimination and African American are depicted as the cause of all socio-political and economic problems of the Reconstruction era (Goad , Craig M . 1979 Silvia , Fred .1971

This film is an attempt to epitomize the historical justification for racial segregation . The movie tried to disperse the notions that Reconstruction was a disaster and African American can never be assimilated into white society . It further propogates the ideas that Ku Klux Klan emerged to restore the dominancy of whites in South that was at stake by uncontainable blacks . The film ‘s considerate depiction of whites lynching activities and emergence of Ku Klux Klan as messiah affirms the racial descriminations and notion of blaming the blacks for all evils in American society at that time .The Birth of a Nation further explores the two other themes related to post war era i .e interracial sex and marriage , and the empowerment of blacks

Unfortunately , this film not only depicts an anti-black agenda in theme but the making of the movies also reinforces this idea as white actors and actresses were used to play the major black role to avoid racial pollution . Griffith ‘s portrayals of black characters are mere types and perpetuate racial stereotypes , for example Senator ‘s mulatto mistress and the mulatto politician brought to power in the South were stereotypically depicted and played by white actors (Litwack , 1996 Stern , 1965

Despite of its controversial and explicitly racial theme The Birth of A Nation remains a hallmark in America filmmaking history due to its cinematic innovations , technical advancement and artistic touches Griffith introduces many new movie-making techniques like use or ornate title cards , the close-ups , the use of natural outdoors backgrounds , the wide-angle shot and panoramic long shorts . He further implied the amazing technique of parallels actions in a single sequence for example Gus ‘ endeavor to rape Flora and Ku Klux Klan salvage of Elsie and Margaret . He picturised the battle scenes in a way that hundreds of extras appeared as thousands . Billy Bitzer , the cameraman of the movie further introduced the night cinematography with the help of Magnesium flares and the technical effects by camera iris i .e . expansion and contraction of camera ‘s circular masks (Dirk , 2006

Gone With The Wind (1939 ) is another movie that has sentimental intent like The Birth of A Nation but the former used Old South wartime only as a background for a love epic . Although… [banner_entry_footer]

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