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Movie-High Noon

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2006 Overview of the Project

The thesis will analyze the impact and implications of a song or a musical score as a narration device for the movie High Noon . The movie is a landmark film in that it pioneered the trend of opening a movie while playing the theme song during the starting credits . The movie ‘s theme song plays an important role in that it captures not only the actual story but the underlying messages that were interpreted by various critics of the film

The screenplay in [banner_entry_middle]

High Noon has often been interpreted as a morality play or parable , or as a possible metaphor for threatened Hollywood blacklisted artists facing with political persecution from the HUAC during the McCarthy era due to actual or imagined connections to the Communist Party (Dirks 2006

Short History of the Work Surrounding High Noon

Carl Foreman wrote the screenplay for the movie , and prior to High Noon he was blacklisted in Hollywood circles for alleged Communist involvement . This was his last Hollywood film before his blacklist exile to London , soon after his work on Home of the Brave (1949 Champion (1949 , and The Men (1950 . The screenplay for High Noon was written during the politically-oppressive atmosphere in the early 1950s when McCarthyism and political persecutions were rampant . Foreman ‘s blacklisting was temporarily prevented by the lead star Gary Cooper , one of the most virulent anti-Communists in Hollywood during that period (Erickson 2006 Dirks 2006

John Wayne , another notable showbiz right-winger and hero of many Western movies himself , was so appalled at the notion that a Western marshal would beg for help in a showdown that he and director Howard Hawks made a film that countered this notion called Rio Bravo (Erickson 2006

Wayne and Hawks protested to the liberal preachiness of High Noon , which they denounced as un-American ‘ film due to the cowardly townspeople who refused to stand up against the four bandits who Cooper ‘s main character (Marshal Will Kane ) had to contend with . Rio Bravo (1959 ) was made as a no-nonsense , right-wing rebuttal to High Noon (Dirks 2006

Before High Noon was released , few dramatic films featured songs , much less opened with a song that narrated the events in the movie . Theme songs were used either for both marketing and narration . With High Noon however , the theme song was used both as a marketing and narration device . High Noon set a new standard for effective cross-promotion by use of a song or musical score , and this technique prompted many imitators . The popularity of a theme song was more acutely recognized as important in promoting a film . The song Do Not Forsake Me ‘ won the Academy Award for Best Song (Allison 2003

After High Noon , many dramatic films opened with a theme song during the credits . In the US , 13 of American feature films used this device between 1950 and 1954 . Over the next five years , the percentage grew to 22 and by the late 1960s , it was up to… [banner_entry_footer]

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