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Strings for the movie Psycho

The musical score of Bernard Hermann in Alfred Hitchcock ‘s 1960 movie thriller entitled `Psycho ‘ has turned into a monumental classic piece of scoring creativity . The murder scene in the shower room will definitely be copied by other film makers and each time one would hear the scoring used in the shower scene , it would always connote murder ‘ and all visual and affective connection related to death , fear and suspense

Noticeable is the musician ‘s departure from the usual custom of musical scoring back in his era [banner_entry_middle]

. His experimentation has enabled the film enter the prestigious halls of the cinematic film genre . Hermann dared to use strings alone for this scene . Highly limited , the timbre available for scoring needed to be timed well and executed precisely . Hermann needed `silence ‘ as music intro for the strings . It was only `silence ‘ and strings that helped Hermann support and enlarge the effect of the scene at hand . He could have used wind instruments or other musical instruments that proved to be a more logical choice than strings that was always connotated with romance and love during that period . Critics have continually analyzed the composer ‘s motivations for this out of the box decision

In an interview given in 1971 Herrmann explained that he had used only strings for Psycho because he felt that he could complement the black-and-white photography of the film by creating a black-and-white sound . Can such a thing exist in music ? It can when we remember that the string choir of the modern symphony orchestra , the largest body within that ensemble , may have only one basic tone-color , but it also enjoys certain other advantages not possessed by the other instrumental families when isolated from their normal symphonic context (Palmer 1975

Strings compared to other musical instruments can span the longest effective choice of notes . Their dynamic range is unmatched by other musical instruments . String can carry and hold one timbre or one color and when the strings stop , an automatic `no color – no timbre ‘ is achieved therefore it effectively mimics the `black and white photography characteristic of the film itself . Compositions under this tenet will definitely give the composer great materials to bring forth a variety of dramatic and emotional effects

One of the basic elements of music is called color , or timbre (pronounced “TAM-ber . Color includes all the aspects of a sound that do not have anything to do with how high or low it is , how loud or soft or how long or short . In other words , if a HYPERLINK “http /cnx .org /content /m12603 /latest ” flute plays a note , and then an HYPERLINK “http /cnx .org /content /m12615 /latest ” oboe plays the same note , for the same length of time , at the same loudness , you can still easily tell the two notes apart , because a flute sounds different from an oboe . This difference is the color of the sound . Timbre is caused by the fact that each note from a musical instrument… [banner_entry_footer]

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