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Music through the decades

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Music Through the Decades

Music is very much a part of the development of human society . Music can be seen as one of the fundamental aspects of humanity – all known cultures in all of known history have had their own kinds of music , and almost certainly , humans had music even in prehistory

Prehistoric music most likely stemmed from natural sounds , particularly that of birds . However , the very fact that they are prehistoric means that there is little if anything that we can know of this music

The ancient (or literate ) period came [banner_entry_middle]

after the prehistoric , from which there are records of the music of some old cultures . The oldest recorded ‘song (in cuneiform ) is 4000 years old , discovered in Ur . This discovery disproved the previous belief that all ancient music was monophonic (meaning an instrument is never played in harmony with another

The Roman Catholic Church was a powerful influence on the music of the medieval era . The music of this time is known as medieval music . The only recorded music that has survived today from before 800 AD is liturgical music of the church , a great part of which is the Gregorian Chant

The renaissance period in music began somewhere in the 14th century Printing was invented during this time , and had a significant effect on the spread of musical styles , resulting in what can be said to have been a unification of styles into a distinct European style of music . However in the 16th century this unified style started to diversify dramatically . Simplicity in sacred music became prevalent as can be seen in Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina ‘s works however , in madrigal music it was complexity that dominated , as exemplified in the music of Carlo Gesualdo

Beginning in 1600 and lasting up to 1750 was the Baroque age of music This age saw composers discarding Renaissance styles , and the music was styled for easy improvisation . A popular composer of this period was Johann Sebastian Bach

After the Baroque period came classical music . Generally speaking classical music refers to ‘schooled ‘ music it is learned and produced with a formal , often academic , approach . Classical music in this sense existed in many ancient cultures . Persia , India , Japan , China , and several other countries of Asia and Europe all have their versions of classical music . There is also the more commonly understood definition of classical music : the classical music of Europe , of which one of the most well-known pieces is Beethoven ‘s Fur Elise . Some of the well-known composers of this period are Mozart , Beethoven , and Chopin . But European classical music encompasses a very broad range of music in Europe starting from the sixteenth century

Then came the Romantic period . The Romantic period of music lasted for most of the 19th century . During this time , composers focused on being able to express personal emotions . Some famous romantic composers are Richard Wagner , Felix Mendelssohn , Robert Schumann , and Frederic Chopin A good example of music that has a Romantic is the score for the film… [banner_entry_footer]

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