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My Book is The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey

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The advent of modernization has seen a far greater number of people placed in positions of leadership than any time in human history . The complexities of modern living have also posed great challenges before people faced with multitude of dilemmas in day to day situations . Lack of support systems which existed hither to fore implies that there is greater need for reference to a guiding light , who can show the path to self awareness and an ethical course in [banner_entry_middle]

life with a view to contribute to the larger society . Stephen Covey has been performing the stellar role of being a philosophical mentor to thousands of people across the globe . He is the founder and chairman of the Covey Leadership Center which has over 250 international members and is doing pioneering work in enhancing effectiveness of individuals and guiding them to be high quality leaders of today and tomorrow . As an author of international repute , Covey has penned down thoughts on effectively facing the challenges in a modern world very lucidly , in a style which is easily understood and correlated with real life situations by a common man

Influence of 7 Habits of Highly Successful People on Nursing Leadership

Covey ‘ key contribution has been the book under review which provides a vision for energizing people and creating leaders in an organization at all levels . It is however not restricted to just management of organizations but is also slated to impact the lives of those who read and have the courage and application to follow it . It is a book about human relations and leadership (Covey . 2004 . These facets touch the profession of nurses very intimately as nursing is closely linked to providing succor to the sick and ailing with a constant need to provide the human touch , compassion and sympathy . On the other hand every nurse is not just an attendant but a leader of a large and complex team . She has a major responsibility to goad and motivate the members to address to the challenge of attending to the sick in a compassionate manner (Grossman , Valiga : 2005 .They are like the proverbial geese flying in V formation with every one getting the opportunity to be at the point position . Every nurse is thus required to develop qualities of leadership (Grossman , Valiga . 2005 . Covey ‘s book is an ideal guide for nursing leaders

The book covers the seven basic habits which people must cultivate to lead a successful and fulfilling life (Covey , 2004 ) The author has indicated these principles with numerous examples from real life situations . He aims at increasing productivity at work as well as in personal life . Inasmuch as nurses are concerned , productivity is linked to relief of the sick and ailing and their early and painless recovery This will only come about once a person is personally productive and looks at work with a sense of fulfillment rather than drudgery . Covey indicates the key to professional… [banner_entry_footer]

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