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Narrative/Descriptive Essay

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Lightning is stripping across the sky . Each flash seems like a knight ‘s powerful sword that slashes the dark clouds apart . The roaring of the thunders seem to rock the four corners of the dark , old nipa hut . The cold gushing wind passes through the holes in the walls . Looks like the volunteers are caught in the midst of the upcoming storm

Alex is sitting in a wooden bench near the window of what seems to be a former kitchen . After wrapping herself in a bath [banner_entry_middle]

towel , she stuck her eyes on the gas lamp which Dr . Lander has lit up and placed on top of a dusty , rectangular wooden dining table . Dr . James Lander is the only doctor in the group of volunteer medical students who went uphill for a medical mission . With the group is Alvin , whom they have nicknamed Stock ‘ because of his stocky feature . Being seven feet tall and of a broad built , he used to carry the food supplies of the group in every mission-canned goods , candies and chocolates , mineral water and other food stuff in his camouflage backpack . Sam , an exchange scholar Italy always carry with him their portable gas stove , the cooking utensils and the emergency lamp . The girls , Alex , Anne and Nadine each carry their medical kits

It ‘s seven o ‘clock in the evening the group decides to take a quick dinner . Stock distributes the cans of pork and beans and opens a gallon of mineral water for the group . They have to stay in the creepy old hut and spend the night in the creeking floor made of bamboo , without pillows . It ‘s the only choice they have since they left their van eight kilometers downtown . They will rather endure the cold wind creeping unto their clothes than walk in the middle of the night , under the hard pouring rain , down the van , eight kilometers away


Nadine ‘s thoughts are flashing in her brain . She should have carried with her the jacket and the blanket her mom had packed for her the night before they head on for the mission . Anne , while driving away mosquitoes with her clipboard , is regretting her decision to join the mission rather than going with her family for a weekend vacation at her aunt ‘s house . The guys don ‘t seem to mind anything as they seem to have a good night sleep , snoring , despite the creepy cold night

Dr . Lander slowly opens his eyes . The rays of the sun coming through the hole in the lower part of the bedroom seem to be piercing his blue eyes The long curly lashes of his eyes seem to be that of a three year old boy gone from a long deep sleep as he blinks . The sun is up . The storm is over and it ‘s time to get ready for the delayed mission . The villagers might worry why they didn ‘t come at the time expected of them… [banner_entry_footer]

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