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negotiation my salary

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Negotiation styles must be dynamic and flexible they ought to be adapted based on the context in which they shall be utilized . These styles may either be competitve or collaborative , depending on the extent to which the individual considers himself and the person he is negotiating with . The following scenario has been relayed for purposes of reflecting on my negotiation style and on the tangible means through which I can improve it

Negotiation has been overlooked as an important management competency [banner_entry_middle]

br skill as it was limited to the confines of the conflict – resolution phase . This skill whose aim to is to minimize differences between parties , can also be effectively used as a tool for information-sharing influencing and building or strengthening relationships . This tool is most helpful where the environment promotes openness in communication particularly in the sharing of information and involvement of everyone in the decision-making in the organization


This begins with a thorough discussion of the context in which the negotiation tool place . I have worked as a Human Resources Manager for a Battery Manufacturing company for two years now . After a careful review of my performance , I believe that my salary raise has been way overdue There were several things which I had to adequately prepare prior to my negotiation with my boss . First , I had to gather as much objective emprical evidence to back up my case . This meant going through my performance reviews , and seeing the achievements and the merits which I have accomplished for the past two years . I had to make sure that my claims were backed up by verifiable critical incidents . That is , my evidence must be as objective as possible so as to gain credence and strike up a reasonable bargain with my superior . My objective for the negotiation session was to convince my superior that I add value to the enterprise and therefor deserve a raise that will make my recent promotion worthwhile

I then proceeded to schedule a meeting with my boss and went through the process of negotiating for a salary raise . I began the discussion with asking him about how he evaluated my performance for the past two years He said that he thought my performance was exemplary and that I excelled more compared to the other managers of the department . I thanked him for his compliments and proceeded by giving a summary of my achievements within the past two years . I supported each of my traits with critical incidents . I ensured support for both technical exerptise and soft skills . I also gave a brief rundown of the training sessions which I have attended which demonstrated by authentic intent to improve myself further . I then showed my boss the strategic map of my company which illustrates the different strategic objectives of the organization , from the various perspectives of our Balanced Scorecard , encompassing financials , customer , best business practice , business development , and learning and growth . I again pointed… [banner_entry_footer]

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