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Network Rail Asset Management

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Network Rail Asset Management


For successful performance every organization needs to know what resources it possesses , how those resources are used and how they are controlled . Strategic asset management covers physical resources such as land , plant and machinery financial resources and human resources Strategic Asset Management provides a framework that promotes better practices in the planning , provision , management , maintenance , and eventual disposal of assets (Strategic Asset Management , n .d Network Rail is one of the companies which shows stable growth and successful performance utilizing strategic asset management tools and [banner_entry_middle]

br Network Rail is a British state-owned railway operator . The company does not sell tickets or other services , but manage the infrastructure themselves including tunnels , bridges , stations , railway tracks signals , etc . the importance of strategic asset management is crucial for Network Rail , because it helps the company to manage all operations in the best possible manner . The company pays special attention to track renewal and modernization of the railway network

Service Demand

For Network Rail , service demand is focused on what customers want rather than selling them what it happens to have . In many situations it will not be possible , and in some cases not enviable to attempt to develop optimal schedules . The strategic asset management of Network Rail is based on the concept that there is some need to control things as they happen , in accordance with environmental changes . The relative importance to scheduling and control depends to some extent on the type of situation and particularly the type of system structure (Simpkins , 2003 . The main goal of Network Rail is to maintain , improve and upgrade a network of passenger railway services . Network Rail has some great assets – the routes into the hearts of all our major cities and the land that goes with the prime site stations (Network Rail 2003

Given a measure or forecast of the the final provision of the system , the demand at lower levels is obtained . The asset requirement planning is used for precisely this purpose : to break down or explode the final customer requirements into their component parts and then , taking into account available capacity existing inventories to schedule the provision of these component parts so that the customer ‘s final requirement is satisfied on time

Organization Framework

Network Rail Organization Framework consists of two basic levels management level and implementation level . Management level of Network Rail includes whole-of-government context , agency program level agency sub-programs level and asset operational level . Public sector control helps Network Rail to stipulate criteria and standards necessary for effective performance and asset management

The size , scope and operation of Network Rail are at the heart of the debate about the success of the national economy , the nature of community relations , the state of law and . New regulatory and contractual arrangements will be put in place between Network Rail and Government , to run alongside , and provide the context for , the franchise contracts with train companies . Combined with more robust information this will enable the Government to act as… [banner_entry_footer]

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