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New Trends in Electronic Media: A review of some related literature

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New Trends in Electronic Media

A review of some related literature

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New Trends in Electronic Media

As review of some related literature

President Bush on October 7 , 2002 at Cincinnati Museum Center – Cincinnati Union Terminal , Cincinnati , Ohio

The threat comes from Iraq . It arises directly from the Iraqi regime ‘s own actions — its history of aggression , and its drive toward an arsenal of terror (WHPR1 , 2002

Months before on February 13 , 2002 during a Press Conference with [banner_entry_middle]

br President Musharraf of Pakistan , Mr . Bush declared

And I think that statement was clear enough for Iraq to hear me . And I will reserve whatever options I have , I ‘ll keep them close to my vest President — or Saddam Hussein needs to understand I ‘m serious about defending our country (WHPR2 , 2002

And During his speech at the Virginia Military Institute on April 17 2002 , Mr . Bush made these claims

And , finally , the civilized world faces a grave threat from weapons of mass destruction . A small number of outlaw regimes today possess and are developing chemical and biological and nuclear weapons . They ‘re building missiles to deliver them , and at the same time cultivating ties to terrorist groups . In their threat to peace , in their mad ambitions , in their destructive potential and in the repression of their own people these regimes constitute an axis of evil and the world must confront them (WHPR3 , 2002

With all these statements made in the presence of media persons and the way it had been made that a major part of America and the world really believed that Saddam Hussein and the Iraq is the real threat to the civilized society

Despite the presence of law which prohibits the Bush administration from disseminating government propaganda at home . But in an age of global communications , there is nothing to stop it from planting a phony pro-war story overseas — knowing with certainty that it will reach American citizens almost instantly

This is the power of media and especially electronic media . It has the capability to make any one believe in what it wants to convey . The beautiful newsreader on a TV channel giving us the news . After that the news analysis program is aired . The program brings a battery of analysts to our bedrooms , drawing rooms or shops . These serious looking intelligent faces sitting in front of camera with a list of burning issues are giving their view on the issues . Their facial expression and smartness over words , language and the contents can make anyone feel ill informed . This makes us glued to the television screen . And once the program gets finished we have an unusual feeling that now we have gained great information on issues about which we were quiet ignorant few minutes or hours before . A single program made some change in our self and our personal database of information . This is the actual effect of one of the most popular form of media called the… [banner_entry_footer]

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