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The renal system includes the kidneys , ureters , bladder and urethra (virtual medical center 2006 ) It consists of all the organs responsible for the formation and release of urine . The kidneys perform vital functions like getting rid of waste through the excretion of urine . It regulates the amount of water in the body and allows filtration of sodium and chlorides (virtual medical center 2006 ) It maintains the volume and composition of body fluid (renal system 2006 ) The kidneys are bean-shaped organ located in the lower part o the belly , situated in the posterior wall [banner_entry_middle]

of the abdomen (renal system 2006 ) The left kidney is slightly higher than the right in the abdomen to allow for the liver (renal system 2006 ) There are two distinct regions of the kidney medulla and cortex . The blood supply is taken directly from the aorta thru renal arteries and returned to the inferior vena cava thru renal veins (renal system 2006 ) The nephron is the unit of the kidney that acts and responsible for ultrafiltration and excretion of the waste products (renal system 2006 ) Urine , the filtered waste material , will be passed down the ureters and collects in the bladder (renal system

The ureters are tubes lined with smooth muscle . The 25-30cm long tubes help carry the urine through the bladder . The urine will be forced forward with the help of the muscular tissue (virtual medical center 2006 ) Then the urethral sphincter at the base of the bladder relaxes the detrusor contracts , and urine is negated thru the urethra (renal system 2006

The bladder is located in our pelvis and pyramidal in shaped . It stores the urine and releases it into a tube which extracted the urine out of the body (virtual medical center 2006 ) It can normally hold up to 500mls of urine . It has three openings which includes two for the ureters and one for the urethra (virtual medical center 2006 ) The main muscle of the bladder is called detrusor that contracts to allow the urine to flow . The nervous control of the bladder that sends signal and tell us that the bladder is full is located in the brain and spinal cord (virtual medical center 2006 ) The blood supply of the bladder is from many blood vessels named vesical arteries , obturator , uterine gluteal and vaginal arteries (virtual renal system site

The tube that is located from the bladder neck to the top of the vaginal opening is the female urethra whereas , the male urethra is running from the bladder to the tip of the penis . Female urethra is more prone to infections from bacteria than male urethra due to it is shorter in size (virtual medical center 2006 ) The blood vessels of the female urethra are the internal pudendal and vaginal arteries . The male urethra is supplied through inferior vesical and middle rectal arteries (virtual renal system site

An acute renal failure is a disease of the kidneys and a common medical condition that complicates hospital and intensive care unit admissions (virtual medical… [banner_entry_footer]

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