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Nursing personal and professional development

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The practice of nursing is a commitment that one makes not just to the patient but society in general . Each and everyday , nurses learn how to better care for others . Each case is different and from each case , a new lesson or idea is brought to light . These ideas and lessons can later on be applied and can lead to the betterment of the practice and of the practitioner as well

It is for this reason that reflective practice was developed and has been continuously explored by various nursing practitioners . Many academics [banner_entry_middle]

have written articles that discuss reflective practice in to provide practitioners with more ways by which to analyze their experiences

This aims to provide a reflective discussion of an experience caring for a patient who suffers from drug induced psychosis in an acute mental health setting . However , before such discussion is to take place it is vital to define and explain what reflective practice means and how this applies to experiences in the practice of nursing

Reflective Practice

Reflective practice is rooted in the word reflection . Thus , in to fully understand the process of reflective practice , one must be able to define and understand what reflection is . Atkins and Murphy (1995 describe the process of reflection as a purposeful process wherein an individual thinks about and interprets experiences and uses these as learning tools . When applied to the practice of nursing , Johns (1995 characterizes reflection as , The ability to assess , understand and learn experientially in to perform work more effectively and with greater job satisfaction

The main purpose of reflective practice , as stated by Johns (1995 , is to enable the practitioner to interpret an experience in to learn from it ‘ Furthermore , it is described as a process that involves examining individual personal thoughts and actions in daily practice (Somerville and Keeling 2004

Reflective practice is a way by which nurses can continuously improve themselves professionally (Plack , 2004 . Also , according to Barnett (2005 , The reflective process allows practitioners to question and analyse their experiences and actions as a means of developing their knowledge , skills and behaviour , to enhance clinical practice ‘ More importantly , it is another way by which nurses and other practitioners can become better individuals . The experiences that they have in practicing their profession contain valuable lessons that can be applied not just to their profession but to life in general (Clark , 1986

Various models for reflection have been developed . Schon (1983 ) is considerably the pioneer of reflective practice . However , others have likewise promoted reflective practice including Atkins and Murphy (1995 Johns (1995 Heath (1998 Boud et al (1985 ) and Hancock (1999 . In this discussion , the model developed by Johns (1995 ) will be followed

According to Barnett (2005 , John ‘s model provides a systematic structure with a series of questions that help individual practitioners to explore the meaning of various experiences . The framework allows practitioners new to reflection to examine personal thoughts and actions with a structure that is easy to apply and… [banner_entry_footer]

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